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Omaha Staple Texts?

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  • Omaha Staple Texts?

    I'm starting to study other poker variants, and I'm wondering if anyone has read anything they think of as a must-read for Omaha (any variant). At the moment, I'm looking at the Advanced Pot-Limit Omaha series by Jeff Hwang. Looks like Harrington on Hold'em. Sort of like a Hwang on Hold'em (catchy name). Except not Hold'em. Also, the content could be good. Anyway, I'm looking for good reads on Omaha. Talk to me, peeps!

    Tried using the search function. Apparently this isn't a thread yet. About time, I guess.

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    I've been Googling book reviews and going through 2+2 threads, and it looks like there are a number of good reads on Pot-Limit Omaha Hi, although Hwang's three-book series didn't get a whole lot of mention. One of his earlier books seems popular. It does look like there is a small variety of useful texts, though. I didn't manage to find a lot of reviews though, and I found almost nothing that actually thoroughly reviewed the books. Just a lot of, "This book was good..."

    On the other hand, Omaha 8 seems to have very few good resources dedicated to it, and most of what I read seemed to indicate that a lot of what's out there is kind of obsolete, and not useful in beating today's game. I also looked for resources on other 8-Game variants (Stud, 2-7 Draw), and there isn't much.

    I guess if there's not a whole lot out there, then not a lot of people will have read anything. I think I might just start ordering books, poring through them, and hopefully learning something in the meantime. I highly doubt any of these books could hurt my game. Maybe I can be PSO's book review guru.


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      Alright, I just ordered Pot Limit Omaha Poker: The Big Play Strategy by Jeff Hwang. Apparently it's one of the best PLO books out there. It also has some info on FLO8 and PLO8 that isn't as highly reviewed, since it sounds like it's crammed in at the end, but I'm sure that'll be useful to me as well. It's not in the VIP Store, so I can save my FPP's for something else (different books?). Will get back with a book review in a few weeks, if anyone's interested in it. If not, well, I'll just be kickin' yo azzes at the Omaha tables.


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        Hi PP,

        Here are some threads on Omaha (think mostly 8 or better) with some good contributions from Poncho.


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          Rolf Slotboom's PLO stuff is good too Panicky.
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            There is an internet radio program called rounders radio, on it there is a program called The EV hour hosted by Art Beuchamp, who is considered to be one of the Omaha players in the world. Most of his shows are on pod casts and he talks explicitly about Omaha, and Omaha O8.

            Also there is new book that has just been released called Mastering Omaha8 poker that deals specifically about Hi/lo Omaha I believe it is the only book every written just on the subject of hi/lo Omaha. It is written by Mark Tenner who is one of the best O8 players in the world. He gives many seminars around the country every year. I have not yet got this book but soon will be getting it.

            I also like the book Pot limit Omaha poker by Jeff Hwang.


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              Thanks annie and EA2, I'll check out the links and the radio program later (tired right now). I've heard of Rounders Radio, I've just never checked it out yet.

              I just checked out Slotboom's book reviews. He wrote the highest-rated Omaha book on his list. I'll definitely read some of his stuff, I just don't know what to start with.



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