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I need NL partners

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  • I need NL partners

    not to play on same tables I avoid that always
    however I only have one true NL partner right now
    we spend a lot of time going over hands and trying to learn to play better
    so I am seeking someone who plays daily or at least 5 days a week or so
    someone who has a moderate bank who wants to grow it and who wants to play a lot
    and learn a lot any one out there

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    my progress so far

    12/23/2010 Session 1 Bank $50.00 Hands played 841 BB/100 3.42 Profit $1.15 Bank $51.15
    12/31/2010 Session 25 Bank $76.77 Hand Played 441 BB/100 4.92 Profit $2.17 Bank $78.94
    01/01/2011 Session 26 Bank $78.94 Hands Played 454 BB/100 9.12 Profit $4.14 Bank $83.08
    01/31/2011 Session 105 Bank $120.98 Hands Played 2185 BB/100 0.68 Profit $5.64 Bank $126.62
    02/05/2011 Session 1 Bank $126.62 Hands 419 BB/100 3.46 Profit $1.45 Bank $128.07
    02/28 Session 46 VIP Status 1427.48 VPP's 904 Hands 323 Profit $2.83 Bank $110.23
    03/01/2011 Session 49 VIP Status 12.38 VPP's 916 Hands 404 Profit $2.48 Bank $112.61
    03/31/2011 Session 127 VIP Status 4576.41 VPP's 4480 Hands 2349 Profit $1.43 Bank $216.28
    04/01/2011 Session 128 VIP Status 0012 VPP's 4492 Hands 1111 Time 1H13M Profit $1.38 Bank $217.63
    04/01/2011 Session 129 VIP Status 63.46 VPP's 4544 Hands 1605 Time 1H30M Profit $1.19 Bank $218.80
    04/01/2011 Session 130 VIP Status 86.87 VPP's 4567 Hands 606 Time 0H38M Profit $21.15 Bank $239.95
    04/01/2011 Session 131 VIP Status 324.48 VPP's 4805 Hands 6783 Time 10H15M Profit $0.84 Bank $239.34
    04/02/2011 Session 132 VIP Status 439.57 VPP's 4920 Hands 3510 Time 5H45M Profit $4.71 Bank $249.56
    04/02/2011 Session 133 VIP Status 485.77 VPP's 4966 Hands 1566 Time 2H17M Profit $6.88 Bank $256.32
    04/03/2011 Session 134 VIP Status 569.63 VPP's 50 Hands 2086 Time 3H20M Profit $1.41 Bank $257.35
    04/03/2011 Bank Cracks $300 For First Time VIP 5000 Points Stellar Reward $50 Profit $50 Bank $307.35
    04/04/2011 ......Tournament Dollars $33 ...T$ Sold $25...5K Tournament $6.00.... Profit $31 Bank $335.17
    04/04/2011 Session 135 VIP Status 770.63 VPP's 251 Hands 6361 Time 10H45M Profit -$35.83 Bank $300.52


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      I use ventrilo to meet and learn and discuss poker theories


      Our group (going on 80-strong) uses Ventrilo
      (a voice-over-internet program) to meet. We cheer
      each other on, discuss strategy,
      share game theory, and just generally have a
      good time while trying to improve our poker games.
      We'd be thrilled to have you join us.

      To download and install the software, please follow these directions:

      1. Go to
      2. On left hand side, under "menu", click on Download
      3. Under "Client programs" click on the link for your specific operating
      system (if you're not sure if your Windows OS
      is 32-bit or 64-bit, follow this hint from Microsoft Support: )
      4. Scroll down the page and click on the "I agree" button.
      5. Click on "Save file" on the window that pops up.
      6. Install the executable file ventrilo-3.0.7-Windows-i386(2).exe
      7. From Internet Explorer the "save as" box will open. Click on
      "Desktop" (on the left) and save the file to your desktop.
      8. Click "ok" to run the executable file
      9. Click "Run" on the Open File - Security Warning box.
      10. Run the Installation Wizard
      11. Start Ventrilo (double click on the icon on your desktop)
      12. At the top, next to User Name, click on the arrow pointing
      to the right " -> " (not the drop down arrow pointing down).
      13. Choose "New" and enter your PokerStars name in the box that
      comes up. Click ok, then ok again.
      14. Back at the Ventrilo window, behind Server, click the arrow
      pointing to the right.
      15. On the Connection Editor screen, choose "New" and enter
      SuitedAces in the box that comes up, then click ok.
      16. Back at the Connection Editor screen, in the Hostname
      or IP box, enter (note:
      this is DarkstarLLc, not 11c)
      17. In the Port number box, enter 4556 then click ok.
      18. Back at the Ventrilo window, click "Connect" on the
      right hand side.
      19. Once you're connected, click "Set up" on the right hand side.
      20. "Enable outgoing voice communications" should be checked.
      21. "Use push to talk hotkey" should be checked.
      22. "Use direct input to detect hotkey" should be checked.
      23. The best way to set up your microphone is to set it as
      "Touch to talk" (think of it as a walkie-talkie, where you
      have to click
      a button to transmit).
      24. To do this, click in the large box next to "Hotkey".
      Choose which key you want to press in order to transmit
      through your microphone,
      and press this key one time (I use the right Ctrl button on mine).
      25. That's it for set up. If someone is too loud, or too quiet, you can change an individual's volume settings by right-clicking on their
      name, then click on Miscellaneous, then Special Effects, then in the right hand column,click on "Volume", then click the "<- Add" button.
      Now slide the bar left or right to adjust the volume for that one chatter, then click ok, then ok again.
      26. Ventrilo also has a text chat feature, for those who aren't able to, or choose not to voice chat. To access this, on the Ventrilo window,
      press the "Chat" button, directly under "Disconnect" and "Comment". This will bring up the chat window, where you can type in your chat.
      Please note: this chat window is viewed by everyone in our Ventrilo, regardless of which room they're in. So even if you're in an
      adult room, people in the general rooms will see your chat. And if they have "Text To Speech" enabled, their computer will speak
      your text, so please remember to use appropriate language.

      If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. Someone will be glad to help!


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        I've seen a few people on the forums here I bet would be perfect for this. I'd like to discuss poker with you as well. I will certainly be hitting up vent at somepoint, but I'm not sure if now is the ideal time to do so. We run into eachother at the tables often right now. What do you think Chris?


        • #5
          when you sit at my table my head tilts to the side and one eyebrow arches and I go hmmm
          him ...... hes not stupid



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