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anyone building a bankroll ?

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  • anyone building a bankroll ?

    anyone seriously trying to build a giant bank roll ?

    I see so many meaningless posts
    to me poker is about climbing up the ladder until you reach a point where in one day you make what you wanted to make in one week in real life
    then climb up more so that 1 hour = one weeks pay etc

    to do that you need to understand poker and multitabling
    you also need to be aware of points and bonuses

    I make posts about all these things yet it appears there is so little interest

    I started in Dec 23 2010 with a $50 bank

    here is what happened so far

    12/23/2010 Session 1 Bank $50.00 Hands played 841 BB/100 3.42 Profit $1.15 Bank $51.15
    12/31/2010 Session 25 Bank $76.77 Hand Played 441 BB/100 4.92 Profit $2.17 Bank $78.94
    01/01/2011 Session 26 Bank $78.94 Hands Played 454 BB/100 9.12 Profit $4.14 Bank $83.08
    01/31/2011 Session 105 Bank $120.98 Hands Played 2185 BB/100 0.68 Profit $5.64 Bank $126.62
    02/05/2011 Session 1 Bank $126.62 Hands 419 BB/100 3.46 Profit $1.45 Bank $128.07
    02/28 Session 46 VIP Status 1427.48 VPP's 904 Hands 323 Profit $2.83 Bank $110.23
    03/01/2011 Session 49 VIP Status 12.38 VPP's 916 Hands 404 Profit $2.48 Bank $112.61
    03/31/2011 Session 127 VIP Status 4576.41 VPP's 4480 Hands 2349 Profit $1.43 Bank $216.28
    04/01/2011 Session 128 VIP Status 0012 VPP's 4492 Hands 1111 Time 1H13M Profit $1.38 Bank $217.63
    04/01/2011 Session 129 VIP Status 63.46 VPP's 4544 Hands 1605 Time 1H30M Profit $1.19 Bank $218.80
    04/01/2011 Session 130 VIP Status 86.87 VPP's 4567 Hands 606 Time 0H38M Profit $21.15 Bank $239.95
    04/01/2011 Session 131 VIP Status 324.48 VPP's 4805 Hands 6783 Time 10H15M Profit $0.84 Bank $239.34
    04/02/2011 Session 132 VIP Status 439.57 VPP's 4920 Hands 3510 Time 5H45M Profit $4.71 Bank $249.56
    04/02/2011 Session 133 VIP Status 485.77 VPP's 4966 Hands 1566 Time 2H17M Profit $6.88 Bank $256.32
    04/03/2011 Session 134 VIP Status 569.63 VPP's 50 Hands 2086 Time 3H20M Profit $1.41 Bank $257.35
    04/03/2011 Bank Cracks $300 For First Time VIP 5000 Points Stellar Reward $50 Profit $50 Bank $307.35
    04/04/2011 ......Tournament Dollars $33 ...T$ Sold $25...5K Tournament $6.00.... Profit $31 Bank $335.17

    Read more: XXChris123 April Bank Roll Experiment - PokerSchoolOnline Forum

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    Good job!

    Most of us dont have the time to put in to try and build a legit BR for the action plan you have. But during the time i do get i try to make the best. so far so good for me...((Knock on wood))

    How many times have you done this before?


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      nah none of us are trying to build our br's
      You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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        on empire poker and party poker I crashed and built bank rolls 10 times or more
        the highest I ever climbed was $10/$20 limit
        I rarely played NL
        my bank roll there was in the thousands many times


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          I'm doing something very similar. I don't know about everyone else, but I am very interested in your progress. I am currently multi-tabling(12 tables) 5NL. I started with a $40 bankroll in March after winning a total of $20 in the PSO League and the NAPL rookie league in February(added to my original $20 I had ). My bankroll is now currently $178.50. My current short term goal is to increase my bankroll to atleast $250 at the 5NL tables. By then I should have enough FPP for the $50 cash reward. This will give me atleast $300, at which time I will start to work 10NL tables into the mix, and hopefully quickly transition to playing 10NL exclusively. I play 6-7 nights a week. I wish I could play during the day as well, but I have to work for now haha.

          Here is my PTR graph:

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            Originally posted by XXChris123 View Post
            anyone seriously trying to build a giant bank roll ?

            I see so many meaningless posts

            You know contributing to the forum instead of pointing people to vent might help your plight.
            Forum is only as strong as its members and you continue to only help people that go into vent.

            IF I was a mod,I would start asking why he doesnt help people in the forum as well.
            Does he run a forum of his own maybe that he is slowly directing traffic to? hmmm...


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              Originally posted by XXChris123 View Post
              on empire poker and party poker I crashed and built bank rolls 10 times or more
              the highest I ever climbed was $10/$20 limit
              I rarely played NL
              my bank roll there was in the thousands many times
              i guess i misunderstood since im new here.

              I thought you were a fairly new player that was trying to take it to serious levels with minimal cash backing so others could watch as you go.

              But your an experienced player and have done this many times. i guess it could be something to learn from.

              Is this your version of the Ferguson experiment?


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                I was never able to actually make a living at poker
                however I did come close a few times
                in other words my bank was large enough to make say $100 plus a day
                but I would crash and burn or have to with draw some money and start all over
                I am not a pro
                I am just as much an amateur as anyone here
                ......... except
                I probably have 5 million hands of experience at least 2 million hands of experience
                the sad part is I do not remember my nick on empire poker
                I have contacted them and given them my real name and address and requested that they let me know what my poker nick was
                they told me they never heard of me

                my head exploded on that one

                they gave me a $800 TV and two $300 watches but I do not exist

                but I no longer bug them about it
                Poker stars is my poker home and I am very happy with it

                I send people to flop social yes
                and ventrilo yes
                people on ventrilo I do go much deeper into theory
                there is no way on earth I would post in any public forum my deeper thoughts on poker
                I do and have posted many posts
                I have made 1281 posts
                poker is like warfare
                I will not publicly show my enemy top secret war plans


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                  In all seriousness though, yes I've been trying to build a roll too. Working on multitable game, can get tough though being as I like the mix tables ... keeping track of all those darn games at once.

                  That blueball link you gave in the other post is exactly how I feel sometimes multitabling mix games, made me laugh.
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                  You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the reaper.


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                    Sad you think that still after all these months.

                    Not sure what your post count has to do with anything.I could look up about 20 of those posts and
                    find nothing but the blueball link.


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                      I think that your insistence on hiding your secrets might be a little bit of paranoid thinking, Chris. I think the simple truth is that anyone who benefits from your help will be unlikely to cost you money personally, and nobody who could cost you money is going to be scavenging your forum posts for an edge over you. I don't think that anyone who wasn't beating you before is likely to start all of a sudden, just because you post a little more info, but that's just me.

                      As for serious bankroll building, I just began undertaking a similar challenge. You and I might have have conflicting definitions of the word 'serious' , since my BRM is way less stringent than yours. I've been tracking my progress in my blog for the past three weeks. And I do have interest in your threads in the BRM forum, I just don't feel like I have anything to contribute in the way of posts.


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                        well i play mostly for fun because i love almost any card game. just like to keep enough money so i don't have to deposit any.BUT i really enjoy reading about you people and how you are doing with yor bank roll . so keep on building the best of luck. any more then 3 tables and i'm lost
                        Triple Bracelet Winner


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                          Hedgehog is serious about building his bankroll. If anyone reads my postings, you wouldn't ask that question. Thing is, I am not up to the ten+ tables needed to enter your league. Come this weekend, I have a four-table effort planned, which I consider a major challenge to my poker skills. One table in the rings is more than enough for me to handle due to monetary restraints.

                          Yes, I see progress. I also know it is slow for me, which is why I concentrate on the vpps. If I can remain active, and my games in PSO improve, I'll make some cash. That money is going into the bankroll. Perhaps I'll find these tables everyone describes where you play uber tight and your account doubles in an hour. Right now, I seem to find those that have declared hunting seanson on hedgehogs. You know, the tables where any group one or two hand is seldom seen, and even more infrequently a winner?

                          I do read your postings. However, trying to apply your lessons is like me playing Chris Moneymaker head to head and expecting to consistently win because I read a book on poker. The things you describe are just too much beyond my current skill level. It is still something I can monitor. So keep on posting if you can, and if you want.

                          To everyone else, take his lessons to heart and apply them as best you can. Then post the stories of your glorious victories. And don't worry if there are more ignoble setbacks; from them, we learn.


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                            Originally posted by Cairn Destop View Post
                            You know, the tables where any group one or two hand is seldom seen, and even more infrequently a winner?
                            This actually describes every table.


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                              Bankroll building

                              You know its funny, and sad that people like you Cookie would troll this forum and instead of atleast wishing Chris good luck or saying hey good job or simply smiling and saying whatever you need to critizize. Honestly if you read the general forums maybe 20% is good advice and the rest just people expressing thoughts - as for helping people on the forums? I have asked on several occasions questions on how do people approach gut shot straights how do they play this hand or that hand and got .................ZIP nadda..nuffin. I will tell you this - since joining vent I have gotten answers to questions discussed a ton of poker theory and Chris has actually spent atleast 20 hours with me showing through Mikigo his hand histories on he approaches cash tables what hands to play - how to litterally attack a table and for the six months I have played at PS my first 4 months were flat - I got into vent got talking to people listening to Jakster, Cowboy, Spike, Chris, Keith, Verdugo Kitty Scussin and a ton of other knowlegable people (sorry for anyone I left out) disccusing hands and in the last 2 months my bankroll has climbed by 90% from 2 dollars playing freerolls to investing 50 dollars and now showing a $ 95 dollar bankroll.
                              I know I will never be a pro player (if it happens awesome but I'll keep my day job for now (its not too shabby) and just have fun playing 3 or 4 hours in the evenings.
                              For this I do have these people to thank for it, it has increased my enjoyment in the game ( its no fun if your loosing) and I am learning which is the best part. Now having said that, not everything everyone says is correct, and once in a while I get advice and simply think thats fine but that is not my style of play and its my money so I will play how I choose.
                              I simply want to say good job Chris and anyone else building a bankroll be it 2 dollars or a $ 1000.00, as its great to see positive stories instead of the usual crap of, 1) the site is rigged, my life sucks I hate all you people I quit, I never have any luck and your all cheaters.
                              Have fun and enjoy and if it isnt fun anymore go do something else for a while.
                              Cheers the Hamster



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