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baffled !

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  • baffled !

    you probably hear this a lot but I need help!
    I am fairly successful on the play money tables with winnings of 2.6 million dollars in a year.
    however, trying to transfer this to real money has proved impossible!
    I play small .05/.10 ring and sit and go's and to my mind, play the same style of games, but am on a loss.

    I happened to look at poker edge and they showed a sample of my play, it lists me as a calling station and large continuation player.

    I think I need help but dont know where to start.

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    Stop calling so much. Problem solved

    Check out the 1/2 cent tables. Those are pretty similar to play money, though a bit tighter for the most part. By 2/5 or 5/10 you'll find a lot of players tightening up. When they raise they're generally doing it with big hands, so you need bigGER hands to call them (read up on the gap concept).

    Seriously look up the gap concept. Basically earlier position players need a fairly strong hand to raise usually, so if you act after them preflop, (ie. late position or in the blinds) you need a stronger hand to call. Example, if a really tight player raises it up UTG, your A10 is worthless and your KJ and QT type hands are even worse. Just throw them away unless you're planning on taking the pot away later on in the hand, or if you have good implied odds to flop a monster hand like a 10-A straight.

    Good luck!
    4 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Hi Bantos and welcome to the forum. Thie difference in play money games to real cash is game is a large one. You will find players with a high degree of knowledge and ability even at the lowest limits who are there to prey on the novice, beginner or poor players. It may be that indeed your range of starting hands is too wide and that you are in the habit of calling when you should be folding or even raising, normal play within play money games, you need to adapt your game now to the new environment. I would suggest that you do a bit of study before venturing back to the tables, if you don't have any poker books try a google search "NLHE Poker Cash Strategy", you will find thousands of articles on the subject. In essence you need to go back to basics and adopt a tight / aggressive approach until you are confident in opening up your play. Play only recognised starting hands in position, try to avoid calling, either fold or raise, most important of all do not chase down losing hands, it will cost you more money than you win, the most important skill at cash tables is admitting when you are beaten and folding the hand. If you want any additional advice or support please feel free to PM me, I wall also advise you join Dan's Welcome Inn, its Home Club run by our New Members Coordinator, you'll find it in the Home Club section of the forum. Wishing you luck - Bog umbup:



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