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would you make this call?

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  • would you make this call?

    2/5 cent blinds ring game

    Early position raise to 15 cents, im in the big blind so i make the call for 10 cents.
    flop comes 69q all clubs. he leads out 15 cents (pot is 45 cents) i read it as pretty weak so I raise to 55 cents he calls. turn is another queen. i shove figuring he probably doesnt have the ween with his weak flop bet.

    say you are the early position player. you have AK (king of clubs so you can hit the flush) but I have shoved on the turn with the queen pairing and you only have ace high.

    would you make a call ace high and a flush draw when big blind calls preflop, raises on the flop and shoves on the turn? (I shoved about $1 into a pot about $1.50, not a weak my last few chips shove)

    so this guy thinks a few seconds and calls with the ak. i had ace 2 suited and i lose but seriously i act that aggresive and he calls with only ace king??

    so ridiculous i dont get it

    say you have the AK. what would be your thinking to make a call like that?

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    if their bankroll is big enough, they won't care if they lose.

    Also, if you assume your opp has a Q and not the A of clubs.... you've got 15 outs (60% fav after flop and 30% at turn).

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      maybe somethin more to this. mustve been a history / read there by someone.

      personally i woulda folded a2s against someone raising utg.

      villain did make a weak C-bet, but i woulda wondered why? bad trap attempt?
      you pushed (bluffed) with 2 queens and 3 clubs on table. u that sure he had nothing. for him to call that, he must've done some things like that before, if so, why bluff such a player?

      u ask would i do that? no ida made the same 3 x raise utg.
      with all that on the table wolda gave it a shot with a solid c bet
      had u pushed i woulda folded

      now heres my question to all:



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        oops missed the turn. either way yeah firing the second barrel is a strong tool, but not bluffing idiots is fundamental.

        anyway im still a student, but thats my opinion.

        cheers j.
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          A. This belongs in the hand analysis section,not the General forum. Could one of the Mods please move it?

          B. Please post Hand Histories--click on the see previous hand button top left of the screen,find the hand you want,right click,click on select all,then right click and hit copy. When you want to post the hand just right click and select paste. Thank you.

          C. You bluffed. He called. It was a .02/.05 table,bluffing is generally wasted on the mopes that populate those tables,they're gonna call with hands that you can't believe they called with. You don't need to bluff bad players,they are perfectly capable of hanging themselves.


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            You have invested 3 BB into this pot and flopped air, IMO it's just not worth putting in another 11 BB on a bluff when the pot is only 9 BB. If he does have complete air and is folding to any raise you could have made it 35-40c and had the same effect as your 55c raise. When you made it 55c and only left yourself $1 behind you have effectively committed yourself to the pot, your opponent can see that so If he calls 55c on the flop his intention is most likely to call $1 on the turn. If I were you I would stop bluffing in these games, 5nl can be beat by relentlessly value betting your opponents when you make strong hands and that should be your goal.



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