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For Nanonoko!!

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  • For Nanonoko!!

    After watching your video, I began to play seven tables at a time and have increased my bank roll 200%. I think I am going to keep trying to add a table like you said in your video. I seen that you have 2 monitors set up when you play. I have a laptop that will only allow me to run about 9 tables at a time, any more than that it gets really laggy. How did you set your computer up to run 2 screens like that?

    Also, standard bank roll management says that I can move up a level when I have 20-25 bi for the next level. Is that true with a multi tabler? When you moved up stakes did you just play a few tables at a time? Sorry so many questions, but I am just trying to learn this because your video really inspired me to want to be a better player. I am 25 too, and really admire how much you have accomplished in the poker world at your age. Thanks a ton for your time!

    Robert Scott -

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    I'm glad you've been having good results! That computer I'm using is a desktop so it has a stronger video card which is able to run multiple monitors. I'm not the biggest computer technician out there but I imagine that if your laptop gets laggy on 9 tables your laptop's video card is a bit too old or does not have the processing power to run two monitors. However, you can surely hook up 1 monitor in which you can give yourself more screen space.

    I'm not sure how the 20-25 BI rule works but I would say if you're a multi tabler it depends on how many tables you actually play. If for example the 20-25 BI rule was for a 2 tabler then you would probably need 50 BI for 4, etc. I don't think it necessarily needs to be proportional in that aspect but hopefully you understand what I'm saying. =]

    When I moved up stakes, I imagine that I would have played less tables so that I can get use to the new stakes and gather new reads since I'm expecting to be playing against a lot of new players, etc. I'm glad the video inspired you. =]

    Randy Lew


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      The video did inspire me Nanonoko! You are a BEAST bro! I have been playing poker off and on since 2006, but I always tried to run as deep as I could in tourneys to get that HUGE cash. I didn't use BR management, so I ended up going bust a lot playing tourneys to big for me. And like you said in your video I would reload a lot.

      You showed me that it is possible to multi table and make a lot of cash, and so far I have been fairly successful at it. There is a website that tracks players and they say that I am "warm" and a winning player. Sample size is not to good yet, so we are yet to see what will come.

      I am not able to go up in stakes because I am a college student with a son and I keep having to withdraw my money. However, I hope to get a job in welding soon so that I can keep my br on stars and build it up.

      One more question bro. When you first start your session, how do you get to the 24 tables. Do you just buy in to 24 tables all at once, or do you start with say like 12 and then slowly add some one? Do you join waiting lists? Thank you for your time and help bro, I appreciate everything that you have done to help.


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        It's great that you know your priorities and limits so that you don't play outside of your roll. I think it would probably hinder your ability to play outside your roll as you will not be able to play as optimal as well. Usually, I just waitlist all of the games at the stakes I want to play and just sit in as many as seats are available and just sit down more as the waitlists become available. I don't think I've ever been able to sit at 24 games before playing a hand without getting kicked off the seats due to inactivity before.


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          Cool thanks a lot man for the info!!


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            Hi were do you find Nanonoko's videos ??


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              Originally posted by chuckkky View Post
              Hi were do you find Nanonoko's videos ??
              I've got videos on my youtube page if you're interested!


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                Hey man thanks for responding to my facebook You are one heck of a guy and it is awesome that you take time out of your busy schedule to respond to your fans. umbup:umbup: Take care -Dry UDS


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                  Thanks Will have a look at them


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                    you're welcome =)



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