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Playing a cash game at a bar

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  • Playing a cash game at a bar

    Ok so I play play at the same bar all the time when I first started playing I would win alot but after a while I started losing everytime I play. What would be the best way for me to start winning again? I have played there maybe a month. One time I was playing some guys were saying they new what I had just by the look in my eyes. How do I hide my tells? How do I figure out how these guys play so I can beat them? Alot of times when im playing ill lose to a really weak starting hand because three players will call my raise and hit. What should I do? Some players wont fold before the flop no matter how much you bet out. The blinds there are 50/100 and the minimum buy in is 2000 in $s its like 1/2$. Help me?
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    You need to have the right mindset when you go into a poker game whether you've been winning or losing. Think of each session as a fresh session and try not to dwell on past results as it can really skew how you may play. I think the best start for you is to take a small break and recoup your thoughts. Possibly go in with a strategy in mind then try to implement that while keeping a clear head. It's always a good idea to go in fresh and not tired or anything of the sort.

    In terms of tells, if you're worried about giving away tells then I would definitely keep it consistent on your physical actions/tells. You don't want to be chatty one time and super quiet another based on the strength of your hand. Consistency is key and if you're one that doesn't like to talk as much then I would focus on a point on the table and just stare at it for your decisions so that you don't give away any information. The main reason I suspect people where sunglasses is so that their eyes don't shift as a hand is taking place and give away any cues.

    Start with that and I'm sure you'll be on the right track.

    Randy Lew


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      Ok thanks.
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        My suggestion is to read Mike Caro's book on poker tells, also there are a few others out there but Caro's is by far the best.

        Adapt a very repetitive style of play like Chris Ferguson.


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          Also, If this is a regular game and you have only been playing there a month or so. Be very cautious that you are not being scammed by them. I.e. set up by letting you win a little and get you to keep coming back so they can win back what u won plus alot more. Look for signs of collusion i.e. not playing very strong against each other when you are not in the hand and then playing very strong against you when you are in the hand.

          There is a book out called "52ways to cheat at poker and how to tell if your being cheated" another strong recomendation


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            You have to remember that you wont win every time! And also remind yourself about variance. Don't go into the games thinking about the fact you won for a long period of time and recently have just been losing, losing, losing….this is a bad mindset to approach your games in.

            The fact they told you they knew what you had "by the look in your eyes" could just be something they were saying to get to you. Either way its a good thing that it got you thinking about your tells. I would recommend playing with a friend and get some feed back on some things or mannerisms you seem to frequently display. Aside from that you can try and be observant of yourself, coupled with attempting to repeat the same types of motions/actions in hands despite if you have an amazing hand or are bluffing. It takes time and repetition to correct things, but thinking about it is a start!!

            Figuring out how they play is going to take the same watchful eye you are trying to have about yourself. Pick up on their tells, remember past actions, and begin to build up a feel for certain types of players. Again this is something that will become more natural over time, just be patient!

            If people are playing loose I tend to tighten up a little bit, so in this type of game don't let it drive you into the opposite mindset! I know it can be rough watching worse hands call and take down pot after pot, but just remember to play well yourself and not let the outcomes effect your poker!



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