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Anyone have a spouse/Significant other that plays poker?

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  • Anyone have a spouse/Significant other that plays poker?

    Was just wondering if anyone else here has a spouse or significant other in the same household that plays poker also? My wife is a heavy poker player, also with a full time job, she plays from about 5pm to 11pm each night (of course after she makes supper ) Well yesterday I had a bad day all day, could not win one thing, barely could win a hand yesterday. So the wife comes home, fixes a great supper and jumps on FTP, as she does not play anywhere but FTP, anyways, come about 9-10pm she comes into my office, I play on a desktop in the office, she plays on a laptop usually in the living room, sit the laptop down and says look, she is at the final table with a chip lead of over 1 million chips, in a 7k GTD game, well from there on we are talking about each hand and I am trying to help her out, well it came down to an all in on a AK o, against a pair of 8's, pre flop, well she doesn't hit anything and she is out, with a nice little cash out of just over $700. Point to the story is, I created a monster, she texted me this morning and this was the text " The poker queen just wanted to say" She then calls me on her lunch hour and said she couldn't sleep last night at all, she just kept replaying the final table over and over and wondering what she could have done better. So does anyone else have to live with this besides me? We never get to play online together, as we both would be on the same IP address, and both sites, PS and FTP, of course does not allow that and will randomly pick one of the 2 players and kick one out of the tourney/game. So Saturday (we have planned this one for a cpl weeks) are going to the casino and playing in the same tournament. So this is a lot of pressure for me now, as we will finally get to maybe face off, but will definitely find out who places higher in the tourney. If I lose I will be in some serious trouble, I will never hear the end of it! The only thing good about this is she shipped me money to my ftp account. I am sure others here have ppl in their household that plays, does anyone else feel the added pressure to do good to be "better" than their spouse? Or is it just me? Don't get me wrong, I love to see her do good, but she really stuck it to me last night in overall winnings for the yr. But what her's is mine and vice versa, so it's all goodumbup: Hunt2day P.S. This novel is for sale on Amazon

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    Go have a word with sharkatack89 about him and datzang lol


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      Poker is tolerated in the house and once a week live here,

      Though my wife does play poker, she is not a heavy poker player, to fix that I suggest your wife maybe consider her diet and excercise regimes.

      I think that to be a heavy person, as you call her, does take some of the sharpness away from the brain and also effects concentration over sustained periods of mental excercise. Water is known to be good for the brain, however please remember that most people that we call "Fat" actually do not contain much more fat than anybody of a lesser build as a percentage, the excess size come from the retention of water, you may want to keep this in mind in the early stages of dieting.

      If the problem, as I understand it, is that you are a little embarrassed to take her to the casino with you on saturday because she is in the weightier section, I am sorry to say that I do not think she will be how you want her to be in that short a period of time. Maybe just try to love her for whop she she and not how she looks.

      You mention that she cooks most evenings, two tricks to emply here, one would be to do the cooking yourself and maybe replace all of those naughty trans-fats that are hidden in Lamb and roast potatoes with gravy with something less substantial, say. a water biscuit.

      If you can some how convince her to eat the dinner you prepared blindfolded and holding her nose she would probably never realise if you just tell her that it is the usuall sausage, egg and chips with ice cream for dessert, she'd never know.

      Another option is to let her do the cooking, but make the pans really really heavy so that she is forced to excercise.

      Good luck on the tables.

      Dr Alpha
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        Poker Playing Spouse

        My husband doesn't play at all but is considering learning some time in the future. I keep telling him he would be great as he is very good at chess and I think knowing how to plan strategy would help him with learning poker.

        But, in the meantime, when I talk poker to him, his eyes just glaze over after that leaves me just reading these forums to listen to others who are as excited about poker as I am.


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          Yes, my husband, femson (without the 2000) plays here...


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            As everyone who plays in the Cowboy Corral league knows, my wife Sculpt51, is a better player than me. That doesn't bother me in the least to say, she is very observant and has helped me immensely improve my game.
            We play live tourneys together and have FT together many times.

            The great thing about haveing a spouse that plays is that I never have to beg for time away from her to play. It is something we do together.


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              My S/O is Datzang, and, I have to hear to no end."Who am I?, Datzang, Datzang, Datzang. It's a very annoying little ditty she does. I don't have very many complaints after that. I know I'm a better player than she is, and, I just keep this fact to myself, which keeps the household quiet. And the fact that I send her money regularly on FTP, and PS. Her cash game needs improvement to say the least. So, Hunt, I'm w/ ya. If you feel you ever need to vent. I'm your man. GL -shark


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                My s/o is Eveningsun08 and she started playing after we meet. She is trying hard to improve, so it balances out with usually one of us happy with a good finish while the other is distraught with the agony of a loss. It works out well most times though, as one of us can cook or do other chores while the other is involved in a tourn. Have a good one everyone! Lasthippie


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                  I would love to get my wife playing poker. But most of the time, she just likes to sit over my shoulder, want to know how I play a certain hand, then spend her time on FB, Pandora, Gmail, etc... She can't keep her attention focused on the game if the action isn't on her. And it is so irratating!


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                    mine does not play....unless you count her tilting me while I'm trying to run deep in a oh well i still lovez her.


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                      My wife and I both play and have for around 7 years

                      I not feel any competition from her nor does she from me we play different games i play manly NLHE and she plays Omaha8/Stud8

                      We a team (as all married people are) so when she does well its a great thing just like when i do, I never worry if she does better then me or me then her if we in the same game (this only Live as we never play online together), As long as we have fun and play our games is what matters,

                      Poker is part of our Lives and i have found makes life simpler as we both understand the ups and downs we each go thru and how coming to bed after the Sun has came up is never a problem

                      7 Time Bracelet Winner


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                        On the opposite end of the spectrum my girlfriend can't stand this new obsession of mine. i wish she did play!! too time-consuming. i told her i was playing in the sunday storm, but she wanted me to take her out and junk like that. so she asked me , "well how long is it gonna take?' I told her 11 or 12 hours if things go my way. yeah she flipped out. soon she'll give me an ultamatim im sure. well, I'm sure gonna miss her.


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                          Nancy plays sparingly, as she is not as much into MTTs as I am, but she will play SNGs. She actually won an entry into the Sunday Storm this past Sunday and played, which surprised me because of the amount of people in it. She tolerates my poker playing more now because of the opportunities I have received with PSO, but of course, now that I am back at work, she doesn't have to tolerate it as


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                            My wife plays, but she doesn't much care to talk shop. When i talk about a hand with her she starts to ignore me by the time i get to the flop. I think she's better playing live poker because she reads people quite well, while I mostly pay attention to math and betting patterns.


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                              !!a!!!110 this is my wife a very good player but can't control emotions .if she gets sucked out on at the river look out me. i hear some nasty remarks. but she likes playing the games on facebook and spends a fair amount of time on there.
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