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March 28th Weekly Roundup Comments to Final Thoughts

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  • March 28th Weekly Roundup Comments to Final Thoughts

    When the Weekly Roundup comes up, if you have any comments on the Final Thoughts, please share them here.

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    Boy, does the old hedgehog feel like a fool. Went to the home page and didn't see the Weekly Summary, so I wrote a PM. Didn't know the topics rotated. Feels like a real computer dufus. Will not make that mistake again.

    The weekly rundown as to how the leaderboard has changed is a nice feature. Thing I enjoyed in this summary is learning something about the top personalities behind the handle. It lets you know these are people, just like me, trying to improve their game.

    Here's hoping you continue the personality feature. A short paragraph like you have on the top players makes them more real.

    Looking forward to the next installment.


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      No problem Cairn. One thing I have learned in the last week is that a lot of people don't realize that the News rotates or they can click the button in the bottom right and move to the next feature. Also, if you want to read previous news, weekly roundups, or promotions, you can click here:

      At the bottom of all the News features there is an All news link that will take you there as well. I hope this helps you and anyone else out there that might have missed it.


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        The new installment of the Weekly Roundup is here:


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          Have mellowed. but never ever quote me again without actually talking to me first.
          Last edited by AlphaAero; Tue Mar 29, 2011, 08:26 PM.


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            thanks Thanks for the comments on conduct. It is very timely and well put. May I add that no one should lose sight of the fact that just because another person looks at the world differently than you, that DOES NOT make you right and them wrong. There are many paths through life, and just because I chose one path it does not mean that the other paths are wrong, it just means I may not have picked that particular path. So what, chances are my path is not right for anyone else. Celebrate the differences between us, do not vilify them. PSO offers us a great chance to learn from others, let's use it instead of abusing it. Open our minds , folks, there is nothing wrong with being different, whether it be religious, political, or any other life style choice. Think how boring this world would be if everyone followed the same choices. We are not lemmings. Follow the path that makes YOU comfortable, and may your journey lead you to happiness whichever path you chose. Best way I can put it is "Do what you will as long as you harm no other" Have a good one everyone!! Lasthippie umbup:


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              Cairn and lasthippie...

              Thank you for your comments concerning the Weekly Roundup. $1.10 has been awarded to your accounts courtesy of me, and remember, just for reading the Weekly Roundup and commenting, you could be the next recipient of a cash reward. As we move into April, I will be awarding chances for players to receive cash to enter SCOOP satellites and Sunday Storm Satellites, just for reading and responding to the Weekly Roundup questions.

              Once again, thank you for your comments and good luck at the tables.


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                Well i have made some serious ground last dew days considering i havent had time to play as i do usually, winter is over and there is lots to do, life u know, but i wish all the players gl and trying to improve on their game, rank and possibly cash some money from this gr8 poker school. I for one have learned a lot playing here and will continue to try and play as solid as i can.GL ALL


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                  Just a comment on the final thoughts: manners, respect, tolerance and etiquette are a facet of the game of poker and indeed can facilitate your growth as an individual. The ups and downs on the poker table are much like the ups and downs of life.

                  I have found nothing major untoward during any of the PSO league games myself although I do have a small gripe: a few times I have seen some players (usually with more chips than anyone else) state that they are going all in before it is their turn to act. The implication is that they have a monster and their talk play can influence the decision making process of other players who have to act before them. Does this constitute cheating? Should these people be reported? In the end I just went into notes and ignored the chat.

                  I like to win but I believe I cope with losing well even if it is a bad beat or a bad call. I usually congratulate my opponent and wish them good luck. I know that I have had the rub of the green myself on occasion, so lady luck shines on us all from time to time.



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                    Lost me here Eric, whats the criteria for winning a prize ?


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                      Originally posted by bogweed1964 View Post
                      Lost me here Eric, whats the criteria for winning a prize ?
                      Bogweed, the criteria is:

                      1) Read the Weekly Roundup
                      2) Comment on the Roundup Weekly Final Thoughts question
                      3) Randomly I give out cash.

                      That is all that has to happen. Oh yeah, of course the more cash I win, the more cash i give.


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                        Eric, I think it is great to let it be known of rules and common sense when playing poker. However, I am pretty sure that PSO can do nothing about people whom violate these rules or are just ignorant at the tables. Has this changed in the last few weeks?



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                          Originally posted by JT_Sooooted View Post
                          Eric, I think it is great to let it be known of rules and common sense when playing poker. However, I am pretty sure that PSO can do nothing about people whom violate these rules or are just ignorant at the tables. Has this changed in the last few weeks?

                          JT...if the rules are violated at the table, it is support that needs to handle it, however, if they are violated in the forum, the moderators or PSO Staff or Admin can handle these issues better.



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