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Building FPPs

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  • Building FPPs

    Hi everyone,
    New player since mid February. I understand that to be 'Active' in the league you need to acquire a minimum of 20 fpps in the month previous. I've been playing micro cash tables, 2, 3, or 4 at a time, and have been accumulating points but they are slow coming. I've played a few 10 cent SnGs as well. My question is, are there better tables or tourneys to play to grab a few extra fpps? This is a fantastic league and I have been enjoying it tremendously. Keep up the great work. See you at the tables,[FONT="Comic Sans MS"] BodhiLummox.

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    WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! --- WRONG! ---

    How many times do we have to tell the newbies that Fpps are worthless. GET THAT THROUGH YOU HEAD! Get a million Fpps and you will still be a whitestar come next month.

    What you are looking for are Vpps. You get these whenever you play a cash game that has either a fee, or a rake. You can recognize the fee by the number following the + symbol. So if a game is listed as $1.00 + 0.10, that ten-cent fee will earn you 0.55 vpps. Rakes come from the ring games whenever the pot exceeds twenty cent.

    If you go the tournament route, 20 vpps will cost you $24.00, less any winnings. On the ring games, your cost will depend on how good a player you are. Winning reduces the cost. One very important thing about the ring games. Folding is considered playing, therefore, a player who folds will earn vpps for every hand raked. If you sit out, you get nada.

    Most here will tell you the ring route is the best. Which game is dependent on your bankroll. The thing you want to do is be sure the pots at your table exceed the 20-cent base. My experience is with the 5-cent / 10-cent limit game. There you will find four of every five hands has a rake.

    Best of luck and welcome. But before you leave, one question. Do you know which one you want to earn? Vpps or Fpps? (if not sure, start at top and reinforce with a hammer to your head)

    And yes, this question just burns the old hedgehog to no end. One month I earned 22 Fpps. Thought I was going active the following month. Surprise! I remained whitestar because I got those Fpps while I earned just 14 Vpps. To check if you have the correct amount of Vpps, go to cashier, select vip status, and read the line about the current month. If the current month is equal to, or greater than 20, you'll be active next month. You need to earn those points every month.

    But before you leave, one question. Do you know which one you want to earn? Vpps or Fpps? (if not sure, start at top and reinforce with a hammer to your head)


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      Lol... i think the ol' hedgehog wants to hammer this point home. umbup: Welcome to the pso and the forum Bodhi! umbup: Like the ol' hedgehog want vpps, not fpps, to become active. To see how many vpps you have, go to the cashier from the main ps lobby. Click on VIP Status tab. You'll see your vpps in the top left corner there. The counter for the month resets to 0 on the first of the month, so make sure you earn 20 every month to remain "active" in the pso. There is a blue link in the middle of the vip status window that takes you to further explanations of vpps, fpps, and vip levels for pokerstars, but suffice to say that Cairn has covered the basics very well. I'd like to invite you to a home game tourney we're having today for new players. The info for the club is in the first post of this link, and the tourney info can be found in the last page or 2 of the thread. Come and ask any questions live that you may have. Hope to see you there! Dan


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        After bludgeoning my forehead repetitively, I think I finally understand. I need to check the wait...(pain in forehead)...the VPP status!!

        Thank you to Cairn and Dan for your gentle and nurturing guidance. I will be sticking to the ring games to do this, micros for now until bankroll dictates otherwise.

        Have yourselves a great where did I put that Tylenol?



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          You have gained wisdom, and a splitting headache.

          You'll find a lot of players online who will offer help to anyone asking. As Dan said, welcome to the site. Ask your questions either via the PM or ask at a table, somebody will respond.

          Best of luck with that bankroll. And until we meet across the virtual felt, a poker blessing:

          May you always finish in the money one spot below me.



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