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advice on slow playing hands...

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  • advice on slow playing hands...

    I'm a trapping fan. Can't stop it, I will check top pair and wait for a sucker to hang themselves. Works live and elsewhere but not on Pokerstars. That two outer is coming on the turn/river and the dude bluffing with a pair of threes will end up looking like a genius. For those keeping up with my bitching; my bankroll is taking a beating from these geniuses and my game has gone down the toilet (still do well live).

    Playing FL (as I was doing for a long time), does not allow me to play a hand hard and make bets that will stop your opponent from hitting their second pair on the river. And they will! Decided to play NL tonight and lasted about 20 mins, leaving in a huff after the trapee hits a two outer on the turn. Takes a chunk of my buy-in and it's clear, NL or FL - crazy suck outs. So, in order to stop these things from happening should I be ultra aggressive as soon as I hit something. Check-raise on the flop and take it there? Can you make decent bucks by shoving every time you KNOW you have the best hand?

    Don't want to get all Hellmuth and as I can't win when I have the best of it on the flop, I have to change the way that I play. For the last two months I can't recall one session where I come out ahead and my bankroll can't handle it anymore. I was going to leave when my roll dropped to a certain amount but I've surpassed that and 'cos I dig the set-up of this site, I've stuck around. Can't do that anymore; drops more than $40 more then I'm cashing out and back to Full Tilt. Don't want to have to do that tho so any advice I can get would be appreciated. It's clear my whole game needs to be about preventing the inevitable suck out so perhaps ultra aggressive is the key?
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    Um, don't do it very often. Sounds like you keep trapping yourself with fancy play syndrome.


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      here is your advice.....don't slow play


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        slow play is fine occasionally but it sounds asif you overdo it. You will get sucked out on alot if you slow play all the time. Mix it up a bit


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          know how your player(s) reacts to slowrolls and aggression.. if it feels right then its right, but careful its jokerstars after all


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            I play 6max no limit holdem. I rarely slowplay! There is often not much benefit to it, your just giving people free cards to try and draw out on you. You can sometimes consider slowplaying strong hands so that your opponents have a harder time reading you. The key is to do it sparingly, but indeed do it sometimes. Any time you slowplay you add risk.

            Being aggressive is important in no limit. Equally important is knowing when to fold.

            I wouldn't recommend switching from Pokerstars to Full Tilt. That won't change how you play poker.


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              Most times low stakes players are going to be bad or newer players. That means that they are going to be monkey see-monkey do alot of the time. If they decided to play the hand and you check it to them and let them keep going for free they'll take that invitation most times and just follow along. If you want to make money in a pot BUILD the pot. They WILL follow along most times. Then if the turn is a hand that looks like a blank or better hits you keep betting. I've found that there are more calling stations that will stay in a hand with marginal to poor holdings than there are players who will bet out on the same quality of holdings. And if they have it they usually let you know. Call your pre-flop raise,check their option on the flop,jam the turn----what do you think happened?

              Bludgeon poor players,don't coddle them. They can't help themselves more often than not. And if you buiild the pots big and win at anyway near normal showdown percentages with your quality holdings,these big pots will easily defray the cost of the suckouts. Also any hand that can be sunk by one card hitting,even on a 2 outer,is NOT the nuts. Slow playing the nuts is one thing (and even completely stopping and waiting for THEM to build the pot in those situations is not a good play at the micro levels IMO),slow playing anything else is inviting needless risk. And if you play your strong hands aggressively,and showdown with them a couple/three times NOW you've opened up the table to all sorts of stealing oppurtunities for yourself.

              Remember,good smart aggression with quality hands is the single most consistent way to win in poker. Feed them some rope and oftentimes they'll gladly hang themselves,leave the rope just laying there and many times they won't pick it up.


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                I wouldn't recommend switching from Pokerstars to Full Tilt. That won't change how you play poker.[/QUOTE]

                That's true but when I'm 90% to win a hand on the turn on Full Tilt...guess what...I'd win nine out of ten times. Don't know if my lifetime bad variance has pooled just on this site or what but the math just ain't working out. Full Tilt NEVER punished me like this.


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                  Thanks so much for the advice Moxie and Rocker! I am going to switch up my play a lot more and play nothing but NL for a while, see how it treats me. Most of the time I wait for later streets to build the aggression with a good hand (make sure the fish is hooked) but I will turn it up and see how it goes. I like the idea of building that kind of table image too. With FL it felt like a good way to build my bankroll and things started well, slower game and hands held up as they should. I can see how giving people less incentive to fold can come back and bite you tho. Thanks again boys umbup:



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