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Unreallllll.....the pso league

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  • Unreallllll.....the pso league

    Well I know they say in there MTT course not to risk your tourney on big hands...But I refuse to fold hands like this against donks...Went on tilt there for a while in the league drop my score..Got away from it for awhile and this is my welcome back present for the great website of POKERSTARS..I would love for someone to come close to telling me I did the wroug thing..I knew he had rags but why this site keeps rewarding people for awful play is beyond me..

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    Nope you played it fine here. Complete donkey play by him. Just dust yourself off and keep plugging away all you can do.

    Remember to think of it like this: Say for arguments sake that you are good enough/prescient enough to ALWAYS get your chips in as an 80% favorite. That means that,statistically,you SHOULD be losing 1 of every 5 hands on average. Winning as an 80% favorite does'nt really ever register on our mental radar. Losing a big hand as an 80%,or better,favorite however........


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      Say's it all really Moxie
      you nailed it


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        Well i guess the movie rounders teachs us thatttttttttttttt..........but still hard to get over.....


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          Anyone that folds KK preflop on a stack less than 13 bb's in a standard mtt situation should quit poker.

          Villains play was atrocious. He can't be 3b with 9 high for value, it's a bluff, in a spot where you will never, ever fold. You've got less than 13 bb's and have opened for 4 of them. Folding any holding, even if you were stealing, would be a massive leak. Now if the villain has seen you do this, then at least there is a rational to the play and YOU have a big leak (actually I see lots of psoers with this leak, it's something I'm trying to correct for those trying to learn). But without such knowledge, there should be no expectation of fold equity and thus he's just trying to punt chips to you. He is not being "rewarded", you will NEVER be a winning player with that mentality. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I really want to drive it home. Only losers think the site is rigged against them and bad play is rewarded or other such conspiracies. As Moxie said, you are not 100% to win this hand, sometimes you'll loose it. When you lose a bunch if these types of matchups in succession it's frustrating as all hell, sure. This is where we are measured as players. It's easy to play this game when everything is falling into place just right. Our true test comes when the chips are down. It's how we react and adjust to these times that measure us as players. What makes the game so good for the pros, is that most players fail this test.
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            The player that made that play ranked 12000 out of 13000 in the league. When the goal is to be ranked number 1, I would say being ranked 12000 (approx) is the sign of someone who isn't here to play poker, but here to try to win a few CENTS.

            You are ranked in the top 1500 (approx). with a few decent finishes, you are top 1000. That other player will NEVER win more than just a few cents a month playing like that. That's how I handle bad beat from a horrible player.


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              Keep some tequila on hand while playing PSO, it helps to ease the pain.




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