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Beware of the Badugi

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  • Beware of the Badugi

    I am a newcomer here. I play Texas Hold'em. We are all aware of the unusual names of some of the tables like BrombillaIX or GomeisaXII. I got caught up in the Badugi net! Here is how it happened.

    I was looking at the tournaments and thought I would play in one called Badugi. . . . . but when they started to deal the cards, to my surprise, I received four cards! Then I was asked to discard any card and I got new ones. I looked at my hand and didn't know which ones were good and which were bad. I was asked to bet or fold so I bet (hoping that soon I could figure out what was going on). I didn't want to leave the tournament because I would have forfeited my play money. I began to sweat.

    Panic set in. . . . these people were playing fast and I hardly had time to think before my buzzer was urging me to make a decision. Finally, I remembered I could sit out a hand. I chatted a message to ask "what is the name of this game." The chat board answered, "three-draw" but I didn't know if that was the answer to my question or a command. I repeated my chat request (all of this while I am trying to keep up with the game so I wouldn't lose all my money). "Badugi" was the response. As I sat out another hand I clicked over and googled "Badugi" found that it was a low ball type of game.

    When I returned to the game I was nearly out of money and so I chatted an apology to the players and left the table. I sincerely hope that my erratic play did not cause any problems with their game.

    Morale of my story, beware of the Badugi. . . or know what game you are playing before you enter a tournament. . . . or don't assume that all the games offered are the game you know how to play.

    Hope this story brought you a smile.
    Wild Ginger (Wild, wild, wild)

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    Hey Ginger..welcome to the pso and the forum. I stay away from Badugi and I know what it is.

    Hope you'll find everything else a bit easier to understand.

    If you have any questions about anything...this group has a wealth of knowledge and are quite helpful.
    Have you looked through all the info in the tabs up top here? If not, take the time to do a little reading and you'll see how to get the most out of the pso.
    I'll be sending you a pm soon..until then, best o' luck!
    Thanks for the chuckle.


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      Badugi is a wonderful game \

      Quick framework.. you are trying to get the best low hand (A234), each card being of a different suit.. so the best hand would be (for example) Ah2c3d4s.. or any combination of the suits.. next up obviously is a little higher cards still of the same suit.

      After that, if you have 3 suits and 4 low cards.. after that.. you get the point I think.. best hand is A234 of all 4 suits.. worst hand is KKKK.

      Anyway, I welcomed you in another thread you posted in, but again, welcome! Hope to see you around soon..

      Interesting first thread


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        yes i like this game also u want to get a low hand 4 suited it is fun and challenging also i play more in the play money cash games to get some good practice nothing wrong in learning new games now to learn more on the omaha games gl to me in that and just like everyone else has dome welcome to the pso.


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          Still waiting for PStars to add Badugi and 5 Card Draw to 8 Game to create the monster PokerStars Super Game!

          I'd gleefully sit at one of those tables and donk away some $$.

          Pretty funny story, Ginger. Too bad it didn't end with you accidentally winning a huge pot.


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            Love badugi, it's fun.

            One time a few years ago I was in the mood to try some pot limit omaha, so I found a PLO tournament on Stars and joined. About 45 minutes into the tournament, a big pot developed between me and another player. I had the nuts (ace high flush, no straight flush possible and no paired board) and was happy to get stacks in with him. I just about flipped in shock when he turned over air and suddenly half of the pot was shipped his way! Turns out I was in a pot limit omaha hi/low split tournament. So for the first 45 minutes I was playing the wrong game in my head. lol

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              Love Badugi by accident

              I started playing Badugi and I loved it. I played that game for hours. Love it. it is a fun game if you know what you are doing. It kind of reminded me of when I was learning holdem. It is like writing with the opposite hand that you are normally write with. I is always good to diversify. Also, I just plain ole like to say "Badugi".


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                Thank you for your good stories, advice and welcoming wishes. I think I have found a warm community.



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