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When to Worry

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  • When to Worry

    Right. Take a look at my results. They're not great. Tonight I went out about 600th to add insult to injury.

    Now, I know that I am a much better player than these suggest. Last month is a good example. I also know I haven't played too much, but I've played as much as I've could given my own personal circumstances.

    I've already took a break of about two weeks to 'reset'. Not worked. I re-evaluated a couple of things, which started to come to fruition last night...and my post in the Hand Analysis will show my set of Kings ran into a set of Aces on the river.

    So, I either get no cards or no luck when I do. At what point do I begin to worry that I'm actually a bad poker player, and not just unlucky? I will say upfront that I'm already worrying. It just seems pointless to sit there for 45 mins folding cards to be knocked out for an entire month, especially after taking a break.

    Not only that, but it seems my posts outlining things I'm trying to work on have not been commented on at all - so either I'm getting really unlucky or I suck at more things than poker.

    What the Hell do I do?


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    Learning to Improve

    I'm definately not the best poker player here, but I do think I have made a lot of improvement over the year. I love to play, so I do alot of that, in addition to reading everything I can find about poker. I like to read the forums here (many really good players) and also helpful is 2+2 forum (just be careful where you post there - try Beginners forum first as they are tolerant of newbies, or you will get flamed), there are good books, and also more info. throughout the internet.

    One concept that has helped me is playing in position. Sometimes you don't need a Class 1 or 2 hand and can open up a bit as you get closer to the button in an unopened pot. I think to win trnys (not PSOs as they are more about surviving into the money), you have to learn to play what you are dealt. You can't sit and wait for AAs or KKs all the time. Also, maybe post more hands in the Hands Analysis, not just bad beats (sometimes our KK will run into AA - it happens and you just have to move on).

    So, good luck on the felt and remember to have fun on the way. If you enjoy poker, that's what it is all about.
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      Originally posted by tomrankin51 View Post
      Right. Take a look at my results. They're not great. Tonight I went out about 600th to add insult to injury.
      I think you have the wrong viewpoint here. I don't care when you went out. I only care did you go out or get crippled when you made a good decision. Decisions matter in this game, not the results of individual hands.

      Please try to frame your game in terms of quality decisions made and not in hands/pots won or lost. In poker you either 1) made a good decision, 2) made a bad decision and therefore have a learning opportunity, or 3) it is too close to call so you should post it in the Hand Analysis forum for discussion.
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        Sorry for ignoring the replies here, I asked for an email notification and it doesn't seem like it wants to do that :-S

        Trumpin, I get your point that the variance is high so results shouldn't matter, but...eventually they do have to matter surely? I mean, you cant legitimately call yourself a good player without posting a win at some point can you?

        I must admit, that this month has been awful. If I've not had the cards, then I've not had the luck ie set of Kings beaten by set of Aces on the river), and if I've been given the cards, and luck I've played badly (yesterday I folded an AKs flush draw on the flop :-S ).

        Trying to learn without being able to put into practice the things you find interesting is very tough indeed, because then I'm not learning. I'm just getting frustrated at losing so much.



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