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If you play for real stakes..take a look at this

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  • If you play for real stakes..take a look at this

    This is unreal....2 players that has stars coming into a league game and
    cheating.....pazx7: no kangaroos out side sit and hump away assieDealer:
    AKingQJack10 raises 5825 to 5875 and is all-inDealer: Ramsjiekwa, it's your
    turn. You have 12 seconds to actDealer: Ramsjiekwa foldsDealer: rodelzki
    foldsDealer: D&J257 foldsDealer: i8thequeen58 foldsDealer: pazx7 calls 2195
    and is all-inDealer: TuffyB foldsDealer: Uncalled bet (3655) returned to
    AKingQJack10Dealer: Dealing Flop: [8c Qh Td]Dealer: Dealing Turn:
    [5s]Dealer: Dealing River: [8s]Dealer: pazx7 has a pair of EightsDealer:
    AKingQJack10 has two pair, Eights and FivesDealer: Game #59290716265:
    AKingQJack10 wins pot (4,490) with two pair, Eights and FivesDealer: pazx7
    finished the tournament in 642nd placeDealer: Starting new hand:
    #59290749451Dealer: ALL1N90 posts small blind 25Dealer: grndpiano posts big
    blind 50Dealer: Dealing Hole CardsDealer: AKingQJack10 foldsDealer:
    Ramsjiekwa, it's your turn. You have 12 seconds to actAKingQJack10: hoppity
    hop hopi8thequeen58: yeah his best finish was -7 pts.....he wont lastDealer:
    Ramsjiekwa calls 50Dealer: rodelzki foldsDealer: D&J257, it's your turn. You
    have 12 seconds to actDealer: D&J257 foldsDealer: i8thequeen58 folds
    >Read what pazx7 tells AKingQJack10 ...and he was waiting on him to say
    something then he moves allin with 45 I believe....Please do something about

    After I have endured 5 early outs in PSO tourneys I had to go through this in the first tourney of today..I foward this to PS for them to investigate...If you play in sit n go,s for real stakes might want to watch for these 2 players...Then after this AKingQJack10 goes on to chat about how to share chips and he could show someone how......

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    Posting this in the forum isn't the right way - You need to send the unedited hand history to There's nothing conclusive in the part that you posted, hopefully the full transcript will help.

    Good luck!!
    Bracelet Winner



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