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How can I bounce back

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  • How can I bounce back

    Well I was consdering take advantage of PS deposit bouns that gives you 5 3.40 tickets for a deposit of 20 bucks.Because I would like to play in the RFC tourneys.But I have had 5 straight early outs in the PSO league games...AA AA QQ 1010 AK..the best hand that was up against these 5 hands was when I was low on chips in the SB got the AK everyone folds to me I raise BB calls flop comes K 10 3 RAINBOW So I push well BB has 33 so he hits trips on the flop maybe I should not have pushesd here but then the turn comes and it is a K.Would have pushed then anyways with trip K's. All other was put out on draws flush straights and not open ended straights but 4 card straights hit the board to run me over..So now my frustruation level is very high and want to keep entering the league tourneys with the I DONT CARE ATTIUDE and I know this will not get the results I am looking for.I know I am on tilt real bad but need to bounce back....And by the way I know 10 10 is not the best hand but it was up against a donk that is ranked 10k plus in the league with just over 11k people in the league at present..He bets I call the flop comes 10 3 7 so I push hoping for a call well donks never fail..He calls with J4 offsuit..Well here comes 5 6 to give him his 7 high str to run my trip 10's over..So what is one to do????????? WOULD LIKE TO HEAR ANY SUGGESTION, ADVICE OR COMMENTS..

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    Couple of things. First, be careful about getting "wedded" to your pocket pairs. Not talking about the hands above where you got sucked out - that's just a day at the office and in the long run you'll win. Just saying to be careful -- JJ, or even AA, preflop are not the nuts.

    Second - shake off those suck outs. Its going to happen. When you're toward the end or in the middle of a PSO tourney and you see a weak player show up at your table with a big stack? Its because somewhere along the line he hit with his J4s. Watch for your openings and you'll get your share of those chips.

    Finally, if your emotions are getting the best of you - stop. Turn the computer off. Go for a walk. Read a book. Watch a movie. Emotional poker is by definition bad poker.

    Hang in there.


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      Focus on the quality of your decisions and not on the results of individual hands. Remember the only thing you control at the table is YOU! You MAY influence others but you can never control them.

      When a hand ends think of it in terms of "Given the knowledge I had at the time did I make the right decisions?" and not of how much you won/loss. At the end of the hand you will have either learned something (about your play or your opponents') or you will have confirmed your decisions. In the cases where you are unsure, feel free to post a hand or three in the Hand Analysis forum. There you will gain knowledge and insight from others.

      Results oriented thinking is very common on the felt, but don't keep falling into that trap.



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