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Table Etiquette

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  • Table Etiquette

    I have only just started playing poker in the last few weeks, but I am trying to play as well as I can.
    I played at a table (not on poker stars tbh) the other night and I was dealt Queens. Long story short I moderately bet until the river, where I bet third of the pot. By this time I had a Q flush and with no overcards I was feeling pretty sure I had the hand. anyway, the last player folded and I won the pot. Next thing I see in chat that I had "bullied her off the pot" and "I'll get him next time." and another player saying "Or I will" so now I feel ganged up on. Like Poker is a team sport now.
    So my question is this. Considering it was a 1c/2c table, did I play it too aggresively? Was I taking it too serioulsy for a low stakes table?

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    Hey Gabe, welcome to the pso and the forum! umbup: I wouldn't worry about it too much. The fact that people were talking to each other at all on a cash table, especially in this manner where it appears they're going to "gang" up on you, tells me that they knew each other. I wouldn't sweat it at all. If you have any questions about the league, this community is more than helpful, or you can pm me anytime. Have you checked the info in the tabs above? The league one explains the scoring and leaderboard to the pso. I'll be sending you a pm this week. Take care and best o' luck! ps. after thinking about it. The perception that you were "bullying or stealing" may come from the smallish bet on the river. Most players will bet a bit bigger if they "have it." And a less than half pot bet may look like a bully or steal if you have them outstacked. sounds like they knew each other and I still wouldn't worry.
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      If this is the most disconcerting thing you've seen in chat so far, prepare yourself for an almighty shock sometime soon.

      You have entered a world where certain people feel they can say whatever they like and often do. I hope you're not overly emotional, or your life in the online poker world will be a short one


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        You can never play too aggressively. You may have over bet the situation. But whether you are playing .01/.02 cent nl or $1000/$2000 nl your goal should always be to play your best every hand trying to extract as much money from the players in the hand as possible. In that situation a smaller bet might of gotten a call but it may have resulted the same. Never let other players chat effect your game. welcome to the community and the best of luck to you.


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          I think what they said means - "I don't know how to adjust to your agression, so I will lose money to you"

          Boo hoo for them lol. They can sitout and leave if it bothers them that much. Generally speaking, agression is good. Don't let them try and talk you out of it.


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            Welcome to the PSO Gabe.

            Like Darkman said, You aint seen nuthin yet!

            I told a Bingo player today the hall was next door and he just lost it...The table was carpet bombed with F's and P's. I guess buddy forgot his Meds.

            You will run into a few R-Souls but there are also many, many very nice people.

            GL and see ya around.



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              i'm new to this game too gabe but in my humble opinion you played the hand as you saw fit. "buying" or "stealing" is part of the game and if you dont do this at least occasionally, when the situation warrants it, you're hurting your bottom line.... keep on keepin on! others dont have to like your play ....only you do! go get em!!! ps. and dont mind the cryers...
              May the tinfoil protect you. MT


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                Well thanks for the replies. I can stand up for myself, but as a new guy I didn't want to find myself out Aholing the ace Ahole

                I thought that I was playing correctly, but I guess that I just rankled them by daring to win a pot. Ha... I wish I could win a darn sight more of them!

                See you on the tables. I'll be the poor one!

                Thanks again,


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                  Welcome & Well played

                  Whether you are playing micro tables or for a $1 mil pot
                  If you can work out that you have the "NUTS" then any bet you make is correct
                  If it's small and you get a couple of curious players or 1/2 pot and 1 caller or a huge bet
                  and no callers KERCHING you win
                  Thats the aim of the game maximise your stack with minimum of effort
                  Don't worry about other players
                  Play your own game the best you know how

                  Good luck in the league




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