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PSO Skill League feedback

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  • PSO Skill League feedback

    Hi all. I'm slow to find it but am playing my first Skill League freeroll and wanted to know what users feel about it. Thought it would be nice to get some analysis of my play and this league seemed like a good idea. Reading about it though, I'm not sure how useful it is and thought I would check with the regular players. Is it a good thing?

    From what I can tell, you aren't rated not on your play but what positions you finish in. The cash rewards for these are poor (1300 people fighting over $10) so I can only assume it offers other benefits. So far I've seen a lot of shove monkeys and the current table chip leader is someone who'd call off 50BB with QJ-off. Lots of early position limping etc. Table leader just called a raise for 5BB in mid position with K5, stacked off and won.

    Does this set up help your game or is a cheap place to practice? How does this shape you into a better player? Any critique on your play? I decided to play because I just saw a couple of TheLangonier's live training vids and thought they were great. Based on that I thought that involving myself in the PSO would be advantageous. Not so sure these Skill League games are worth the effort. Please let me know what you think of them.
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    top 10 places in points for each month receive nice cash.....still trying to figure out how to get there, some of these guys do it every month


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      Originally posted by JDean View Post
      -RISK/REWARD identification skewed toward SURVIVAL
      -KNOWLEDGE of Push/Fold ranges

      Step #3: Recognize that the PSO League gives you a great chance to EXPERIMENT with your game.

      Can you "read" the range of an opponent? Can you effectively decide which hands to paly against certain opponents? Are you using a more "proper" MTT strategy to play PSO League games, and LOGGING your results?

      This "free roll" league is vastly different than any other free roll set up on Stars, insofar as you have a MIX of the "normal" free roll shove monkies, AND people working to play a more "solid" MTT game. This means you can TEST your poker skills agaisnt a far wider range of opponents than in a typical free roll. The key is: you need to actually have the "skill" to effectively STUDY your own play.


      The "skill" in the skill league coes down to:

      A) Can YOU "beat it"?
      B) Can YOU "build" fromt he moeny you win in it?
      C) Can YOU use the league to "improve"?
      JD brings up a great point. I don't think most players use this league to build their bankrolls. Those with a game that consistent are better served taking their game up out of the freeroll league. However, playing in this league allows one to employ a variety of techniques a variety of ways, thereby finding which work best in which situations. Personally, I've been concentrating on reading the range of my opponents.
      Because the skill league allows one to play against a wider range of players, keeping one's head on a swivel is very important. A continuation bet for one player may be a blocking bet for another, which may be a trapping bet for someone else. That's why players in this league who use it as an opportunity to TEST various facets of their game see it as appropriate use of time. Players who measure their acumen just by A) or B) may not find this league that much of a skill league.
      That is why I developed the FastCurves Poker Challenge. I really don't think most players use this league to build their bankrolls. Players who are just concerned with A) do not see much benefit in it, and have stated as much. It is my opinion that these players are ignoring an excellent FREE opportunity to test and improve their game.

      Im just sayin...


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        Def, a 2c cash is not an incentive and can't say I got much out of it. Ran fairly deep (260 out of 1234) and lost a shove - my KK against AJ. Fairly typical. 2hrs and not even a 2c cash. Doubt I will do that again. I did feel I played my best game but would rather have played that well in a $5 sit and go. Learned nothing new and confirmed that even in a freeroll - KK is no good against Ax.

        What's the Fastcurve Challenge? It may be more my speed.



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