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Strategy for releasing my first deposit bonus

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  • Strategy for releasing my first deposit bonus

    I just looked at my bonus status today and realised that I have still 460$ in uncleared bonuses and I have until the middle of May to earn 7820 VPPs and release all the bonus.

    This would have been easy when I was gambling like mad on the 3/6$ and 5/10$ ring games, but what is the use of losing money just to get a bonus.

    Has anyone any tips or strategies on how I could earn my bonuses without losing loads of money in the process? Even if I was playing 4 tables at 0.01/0.02$ for four or five hours a day I still do not see it being the way to get there.

    I would be grateful for any advice anyone can offer.

    Thanks in advance.


  • #2
    i was successful clearing bonusses at 4-8 stud, you get a vpp every few minutes without alot of risk
    but its boring..some of the tables are so tight that all you have to do is check raise once an orbit to take down a pot and raie and reraise your aces and you will be fine
    also sitting at a 9 seated plo table 50-1.00 gets you alot of vpps fast, but its very tempting to ber the second nut flush or the second set
    its a dangerous way, but its fast
    if you want to grind out slow as spit go to omaha 8
    the split pots make the pots bigger with more players
    you could open up a few .25 cent tables and just play nitty as hell.....


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      Thanks for the info Buffalohead.

      I assume that is 4/8 dollar stud. I will give it a go as you suggested.




      • #4
        I was thinking about this too, unfortunately I haven't been able to deposit, but I was planning to open 3 tables that I just play super tight (I was thinking two FLO8 and 1 FLHE) and one table that I can play my own style. I think a lot of people can't help but bet and call in omaha 8 and lower and by playing fixed limit it keeps you from losing too much in one hand. I was planning to play 5/10 but I didn't do the math so I'm not sure if it would be enough.


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          theres a definite rhythm to stud
          you can feel it out and usually the chk raise means something....
          start at 1-2 to see what i mean about the rhythm if unsure



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