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Is this a good sign or a bad sign?

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  • Is this a good sign or a bad sign?

    -90% show down winning rate
    -seeing the flop less than 12%

    but yet when im busting out in SNGs im almost always strucked by a set

    for example my JJ KK AA QQ has been strucked by 33 66 55 sets at least 5 times in last 15 SNGs at least

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    A lot of people have told me that to be successful playing poker, you need to have a bad memory. In other words, stop dwelling on the hands you've gotten beat with. Keep playing your hands correctly and consistently and you'll pull yourself out of these bad beats. The worst thing you can do is let these past occurrences affect the way you play the same hand in the future. Forget your beats, play solid poker.

    I keep seeing your posts on all your bad beats and now your psych is all messed up. "Maybe I should quit." That's exactly what all the donks who routinely play trashy hand want. Do you know why? Because when donks play against good players, they lose. Maybe not over the course of just one tourney. They might actually run good and find success. But over the course of say, 2011, the donks will stay donks and the good poker players will win and stay good poker players. The less good players they have to face, the better. That means less money lost.

    Keep grinding. Take a break for a week even. Rome wasn't built in a day, and WSOP isn't won in an hour. It takes years sometimes for people to even make the money bubble. Some pro's don't even make the money bubble.

    Stop looking at stats. You'll just get depressed. Just play good, technically sound poker, limit the mistakes and the winning will come.


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      roadster is right. i've only been playing PSO since dec. 2010 and i've had what " i think " is an un believeable number of bad beats; when it's no more then everyone else has had and they probably think the same way. what i do is ( say to myself ) !@##$%^^^^^& shake my head a bit and go on to the next hand or game. going on tilt or getting mad isn't going to help at all and quitting is a definate nono. I NEVER QUIT.
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        I get screwed over all the time in SNG's. Am I going to go start a thread about it? No...

        Played 2 single SNG sats today. Just watched AA get cracked 3 times out of 4. I got AA very first hand on one, go all-in preflop with AJs... KQ10 flop lol! I then watched AA get cracked twice more as people caught trips on the board with their rags!!! Disgusting stuff, but it happens all the time! Get used to it.


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          OOOOhh update, just had my AK cracked all-in preflop with A9s, he rivered the flush. Then a couple hands later I all-in preflop with 1010, get rivered by J10s when he hits his straight!

          This is how SNG's go because you are often all-in. You can't force people to fold their draws on the turn like you can in cash games. You need a thick skin for SNG's it seems.



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