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How do you Play poker?

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  • How do you Play poker?

    is this How you Play?

    All iNN!!! Alll iNN!!!!
    All iN!
    Alll iN Alll iN Alll iN Alll iN !!

    is This How to play poker? or is this just how 90% of you play all in A8 Vs. A9 for a million dollars

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    bad day?


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      onix how many games do you play in a day or in a session? Your frustration is a natural part of poker. Especially online where players dont understand the value of their hands and of course at the micro level. many dont understand the value of the $ and are just here to have fun.

      If you would like some assistance in reviewing your play through hand history review feel free to post them and we can make comments and assist as unbiased third party observers.

      For what it is worth, we need to understand that we are typically going to lose 80% or so of our games! We are only going to win a game less than about 3% of the time and so the other 17% is spent finishing itm in some other spot. The sooner we understand this and know that volume is key then we can handle these bad beats better.

      I am on a current grind of 1000 games and have had 2 sessions of 20 str8 no cashes!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bad beats I could tell you about were so hard I think my grandkids will fell them!

      Gidee Up!


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        mainly in my underwearumbup:


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          Certainly not PSO style, that's for sure!



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            Onix, go back to playing the xbox until your mature enough to handle the game of poker... seriously dude.


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              I play poker with my feet, while picking fleas out of my fur and while peeling a banana with my tail!

              Some of us are just multi-talented...
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                Originally posted by JDean View Post
                I play poker with my feet, while picking fleas out of my fur and while peeling a banana with my tail!

                Some of us are just multi-talented...
                I've heard stories, legends really, about your prehensile-ness.

                Im just sayin...


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                  Originally posted by ONiX360 View Post
                  or is this just how 90% of you play all in A8 Vs. A9 for a million dollars
                  90%? Hmmm... I'd bet my entire br that no one reading this thread has ever played A8 vs A9 all in for a million dollars.

                  You are the first... your A9 didn't hold then? Why are you playing A9 all in for a million bananas???
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                    And now the hedgehog will offer a serious reply.

                    Please remember where you are playing. This is a freeroll game, which means there is no risk whatsoever to those playing. You will run into the player who goes all-in on ATC because it does not matter. You will meet players who will consider any ace a guaranteed winner. You will find players who participate because this is a fun diversion.

                    Then you will find those who take the game serious. None of us are in the professional ranks. We know there is much to learn, including what cards to play. However, the freeroll nature of these games allows us some latitude for experimentation. We all know not to play certain hands if somebody bids, but haven't you ever wondered why? In a freeroll game, you can experiment with playing styles and hand selections you wouldn't consider in any game.

                    Most times we will lose. It is a fact. In a game with fifteen hundred players, only one will win. All the others will lose. Ask yourself a few questions. How will you lose? Will it be by a bad beat? Will your opponent do a real suck-out on you? Did you go on a wing-and-a-prayer hand? Did you make a stupid play? Did you make the right call, but still lost to the RNG?

                    The smart player who honestly wants to improve will consider those answers, learn from his play, and will attempt to do better in the next game. That is the mark of a true poker player. So how honest are you with the man in the mirror?



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