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crisis of faith

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  • crisis of faith

    I'm starting to hate poker. Don't want to make this into a huge bad beat rant cos it's not just that - I'm running so badly that I'm starting to take it personally. Maybe a long break is what I need. Maybe reduce the stakes so much that it doesn't matter if I win or lose (be like those playing 25c tourneys and freerolls). Just played in a £2 tourney and a $5 sit and go, literally played 10 mins in both and got knocked out. Got pushed all in when I had KK in one...naturally they had AA. Had QQ in the other and the guy had KK. Left short stacked in the latter and shoved with QQ and got 4 callers; hit a queen on the flop and one runner-runnered a straight on me.

    Can't stop though, went straight into playing a couple more games and don't feel good about it. It's compulsive...don't even want to play yet thought I'd piss away more of my bankroll. As I write I played AQ - naturally it doesn't stand a chance against 5-6. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of a break. Never known such a crappy streak than at this site. Was thinking about switching site's a few weeks back but after research, I find this is the best. Not seen any others with such a good range of games. It's just kicking my arse and I'm so tilted I can't play my best game. Constantly feel that I won't win a hand and unless I have the pure nuts, it affects the play.

    Been feeling this way for a couple of months now. I hear of pros going through phases of 6 months like this...certainly not going to last this long. My bankroll has taken a $160 hit over these last couple of months so I can't keep going this way. Any advice? Obviously if I'm not even enjoying playing on Pokerstars then I should just stop - so that's on my mind also. Anyone had similar runs? What did you do about it? Certainly I have to drop stakes (not because of my current mindset but cos I've lost so much) so no need to bring that up.
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    I feel for you man really I do.

    I was probably one of those guys before who was playing for entertainment on the 3/6$ cash games and grew a substantial bankroll while drunk. I thought it was money for old rope until I got all my bankroll sucked out in a couple of hands.

    To compound the error, I deposited about another 2k and lost that in ring games, sit n gos and tourneys at the level you are playing at..

    Now I only play low stakes ring games, freerolls and the PSO, occasionally I will enter a few guaranteed tournies or sitngos if I have profited on the ring games. My bankroll is fairly static but I feel the time I have invested on this site is improving my game. Admittedly, I play more tightly on PSO than in other tournies or SNGS, but lots of the good decision making processes are transferring across as if by osmosis. I feel it is only a matter of time before I will get a deep run.

    If I could learn to multitable the low stake ring games i would be more profitable. It is rare that I do not sit down at one table and double or triple up. Once, I move up to two or three tables, my best game disappears. I need to try and spread full concentration across more than one table but at the moment it is beyond me.

    So my advice is to go to microstakes, freerolls and the PSO with the attitude that if you can stay where you are cash wise, then any profit at all is an improvement.

    And if you are still losing cash in that scenario, then just take a couple of weeks break and spend your time reading up on the extensive amount of info available here.

    Best of luck man and cya on the tables...



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      i think you have to go the other way
      put half your bankroll on the line nothing makes poker more interesting that playing above your bankroll
      if you mincash you feel a sigh of relief
      you can play it like a pso tourney
      i find that the higher the buy in the better the general level of play and the easier to identify the raving maniacs
      and its really an interesting place to be in your head when you are playing against sharks


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        Poker will beat you down,spit you out and have you coming back for more.
        Biggest thing is your mindset and if your not feeling it,you need a break.
        Come back energized and it will do you a ton of good.


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          Thanks for the advice guys. My instincts reflect what you said Buffalo but I don't think that's a good idea. It's kind of self destructive but when I'm losing a lot I just think "f*ck it" and want to put a huge chunk of my bankroll in a sit and go buy in or go into a cash game and shove ATC. If it's all luck and no skill then what the hell?

          One of the games I played last night brought some of my faith back but one bad beat and a dumb decision and got went from chip leader to knocked out in a couple of hands. Just winning one coin flip went a long way to fix my attitude. Decided to play at lower stakes...if I am going to win my bankroll back then it'll take a very long time but at least it's practice and it may make me feel better about the game. Back on the tables this morning and playing $0.1/0.2 FL.



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