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magic, and not the gathering

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  • magic, and not the gathering

    i apologize ahead of time for this post.......
    if i don't vent right now i am gonna lose it and scream, or punch the wall and wake up people.

    I tried another sit n 4th tonight..........this time a 3.30$ one

    and still no matter how i play anything it gets beat......... if i get in with AK and flop a King it gets beat by K7 two pair.........AQ vs. KQ and a King on the river and i get knocked's almost magical .
    i can't even win when everyone folds around and i go all in with pocket 6's in the SB......
    of course the BB wakes up with AK and hits two pair on the flop.............

    I even played an Omaha 8/ob SnG and I bubbled when the bigstack (always) hit a two outer on the river for a bigger boat than the one i flopped.

    i will NEVER deposit again online. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL. it took me 2 years to even think about depositing again and now i am regretting it so bad. What a waste of 100$.........i coulda bought a nice bag of great weed ......the thing that really sucks is i still have 85$ now i have 85$ that i don't even want to play because it is so damn frustrating.........
    and i can't withdraw it out unless it gets over 100$........and the way pokerstars is screwing me i seriously seriously doubt that will happen.

    once i get down to 50$ i am staking people....cause i can't take this. This is making me HATE poker, and I don't want to HATE poker....and I DON'T want this to affect my live game.

    it may be a while before i hit 50$ though because i am not playing online for a couple days.
    .......maybe i'll record the vocals for the last couple bars of the PSO song and then post it on here.

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    and hey PresBruno..............i'll stake you.

    on one condition..................

    i get to send your friends and political "buddies" the link to this forum and your humble posts.


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      have you tried hitting the ring game tables? that always seems to help me when im in a slump....on second thought thats probly not a good idea the way your luck is running.

      try some 7 card stud or razz perhapps you'll have better luck with those. anyways let me know through a pm if you wanna stake me on a 5.50 sng and ill try to get you a cash so you can withdraw....would return your buy in next month if i lose.


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        i hear ya' hip it can be very fustrating when you can't make your plays i have learned that it will cost you as you find the game that bests suit you at the buy-in level you're comfortable with and as ericlee said maybe the ring tables are better for ya' still it can take a long time and cost you a bit to find the right structure and size of ring,sng or mtt that you are best at turning a profit this isn't true for everyone but it is for most that i have watched there are a few regulars in my club who play with cash and have mixed results because of this but they are learning to steer clear of certian types of games because of continous negative results some are finding the play better with small fields of entrants others large some turbos and still others find they just don't play tourneys and stick to ring tables even with ring tables you still have decisions to make; heads up or empty tables and take them as they come or maybe 6 max to 9max no limit or pot limit there are a ton of varibles to work out so you can find your nitch here so in the meantime you should budget your losses to a certain amount or games per day then just play freerolls or just stop (which is hard) i have done this and it has helped my bank roll stay put as i find my game and maybe it can help you also if you do wish to stake people in the future i hope you will consider me for at least one i could use it to help find the game that suits me best which apears to be mid size mtt's and sng's around 2-5 hundred but i am still working at that for better results to judge with evil:
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          Don't play the $3 SNG's with your bankroll. I made that exact mistake before and it ended badly. Variance will hurt your bankroll too much.... which I'm sure you understand rather well now lol.

          Your experiencing the nasty end of variance right now. The timing is making it a lot harder on you. Try playing cheaper than $3 so your bankroll doesn't implode while you try to plow through the bad luck.


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            hiphop, deep breaths man...

            Come play in the Drunk Tank bounty tourney on Friday, 21:05. Sit back, relax, have a few beers and get your mind off the bad beats.

            Of course, there's prolly gonna be a bounty on you, which I'm sure you understand, but that just adds to the fun.


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              try low limt omaha for a change of pace
              go to the smallest table, buy in for a buck
              the hand you are waiting for is the next one
              push all in
              watch the magic happen
              hit and run
              take the four buks to the next level
              this time we will be a little more selective
              wait for a sooted ace with two other sooted cards that match up in rank for straights
              looking for A 9, 10 8 and looking to catch someone shoving with aces preflop who cant get away from them
              move up when you hit 15 bucks
              repeat strategy...

              also you should really check out black landlord


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                funny i find myself playing low limit omaha 8/ob....
                usually pot limit.....not usually on pokerstars.....but i am right now in the limit 1.10 buy in at 3:35AM........

                come play ... this is my first game today......



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