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Betting Station? OMG WTF Frustration!!!!

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  • Betting Station? OMG WTF Frustration!!!!

    Right now I'm sitting at a table with a guy named dano_bc, who seems to be a complete calling station donkey (and he's from my neck of the woods, so he's a local donk), and the guy almost never checks. He limps and min-bets everything, and it's frustrating the hell out of me. I have no idea how to deal with this guy, because I can never tell if he has anything, and I'm never sure what it means if I raise one of his min-bets and he flats me. His hand selection is terrible, but his stack seems to be going up. And I've been at the table for over an hour. WTF? If anyone wants to search me and watch the guy, feel free. I'd love some advice on how to deal with somebody who checks by min-betting.

    Impressive. He's multitabling, too.
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    There's your answer... He's in with any suited connectors...

    Might as well clear some VPPs...

    Doh. I wanted the calling station.
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      Oh, and here's the most frustrating part. Twice I've had the guy crushed until the river, and he outdraws me to chop. My KK chops b/c of a board straight.

      So sorry he's gone. I'm searching him later though. Hope he doesn't hide his location.
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        Finally quit the table. Cranked out 10 VPPs real quick. The $7 was also nice.


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          lol, was that from me? I did spew a lot of cash at that table. I still managed to double up exactly, though, so I'm only a little bit tilted.


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            Originally posted by PanickyPoker View Post
            lol, was that from me? I did spew a lot of cash at that table. I still managed to double up exactly, though, so I'm only a little bit tilted.

            I think it was about $1 from you. I had no idea what you were holding, but when it was a rainbow flop with no Ace... Russia paid me off.


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              Dan Harrington says in order to make the most profits, you have to play the opposite style of your opponent's style.

              you have a moron who is shoving left and right who happens to have just few more chips than everybody else from an accidental win from calling his opponent's AA all in with his 76o (which happened to me yesterday...)

              so he tries to be a bully and he bets left and right.

              well in order to take down morons like that you need to play behind his position, come over the top of his bet preflop when you have something decent in LATE position.

              you have to be very tight against these types of players preflop. be very selective and ****le about the hands you pick and choose to play.

              now the only time you can take him down with mediocre or ok hands in early position is to limp with calling the minimal bets in early position and hoping to flop the monster and playing passively after you flop a monster(yes slow play, LET HIM do all the betting work and go over the top at the fifth street)

              now if you're in behind even just with a decent hand (KQ suited, 10 10, J J hopefully...) put him all in. hopefully he'll be dumb enough to make the call.

              this is not me but this is the style im trying to practice after reading several 10s of pages of Dan Harrington's book titled "Dan Harrington on Hold'em Vol 1"

              GOOD LUCK!



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