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Is this considered 'variance'?

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  • Is this considered 'variance'?

    First and foremost, I am stating that my poker game is weak, and I am still learning!

    I really started to play the PSO tournies in December. In December and January, I never really played 'good' poker. So my average PSO score was probably around 1480 - 1550 at any given time. In Feb. I actually started to play smarter poker. I tightened my starting hand, and I stopped playing as if my high pair was the nuts. In Feb, I only played the last 10 days of the month. In that time I went from 1500 starting points to nearly 1700. I even got my bankroll up to over $2.00!

    Now, I can't seem to play poker the way I was in Feb. Most recently, in PSO tournies, I keep experiencing plays like this: Hole cards, KK, big blind, average stack, 5 limp in, raise 4x the BB + an addition BB per caller, 2 players, call: One player early seat, short stack, one player mid seat, slightly larger stack than me. Flop: T94 rainbow. I raise the remaining of my stack, and called. The villain with slightly larger stack has Q8. On the turn: Q On the river: 8. Correct me if I am wrong, but I played this correctly, yeah? Well, poor finish.

    Yesterday's experience. I flopped a rainbow straight. No way for a flush, I thought. Villain who called me had runner-runner flush. Poor finish again.

    Normally, I would consider my plays the right moves. And I would welcome these type of callers at my tables! But now that I have had so many poor finishes in the PSO tournies for March, I am second guessing how I should play these situations. Which brings me to my question. Is this 'variance'? Am I experiencing my low point or am I just a poor player? Be honest!

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    One of the hardest lessons to learn in Poker is not to be results oriented when considering short-term issues. When considering individual hands you must force yourself to focus on the decisions you make. Making +EV (expected value) decision is what leads to long-term posititve results.

    An additional benefit of developing this discipline is a reduced tendacy to tilt. One you learn that decisions matter, not results, bad beats lose any power over your mental state.


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      I really need to work on not being result oriented, then. It can just get depressing when I know that my game has improved and it just isn't working like I want it to several days on in. But with that, I'll keep doing what I can do to improve my game. Thanks. =)



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