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AA getting Cracked

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  • AA getting Cracked

    Lets look at the big picture with Aces getting beat.At any given time there is 200,000 players playing on Pokerstars, and upwards of 35,000 tables being played on.Now not all players are playing Texas Holdem ( Limit or No Limit).Lets say we are seeing 60 hands a hour for arguments sake.

    So lets say 28,000 tables are playing Holdem each with 7 players, that works out to 196,000 player hands dealt every minute.With AA being dealt 1 in 220 hands,890 players will be dealt Aces every minute and 53,400 will dealt AA every hour.Without going into the manner in which the way a hand is played in each instance AA loses 20% of the time.(its a math thing so I've been told), 178 players holding AA will lose every minute and 10680 will lose with AA every hour.

    I know this is hard to fathom. AA is only 2 cards to start a hand and I'll take them every time. I find it very difficult to not play a hand in which I'm dealt AA,but I have laid them down PRE FLOP 1 time that i remember.You expect to win a hand with AA , and most times you will.

    There are players that have kept numbers on the times they have been dealt AA along with how they fared while playing them.I don`t have the numbers personally.If i can win with a hand 80% of the time hell give me those cards ALL DAY LONG.

    The only thing that i can add, is to play this hand you need to protect your self from getting slapped by 7 2 off suit,play it like there is no tomorrow, because if you limp in in the cutoff or on the button without a raise and BB flops 2 pair on you shame on you.

    AA gets beat get over it.

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    I have lost with aces before but typically it wins. AK is another story.
    I actually kept track of my AK hands last month. Here are the results:
    I won 3 out of 7 times when the hand ended before a showdown.
    I won 4 out of 13 times when there was a showdown.

    I tread very carefully with that hand. I actually refer to AK as "the hand of the devil". And I think everyone has some hand like that. Good odds and bad outcomes. For some it is aces, kings, or queens.

    But as far as AK goes, I am Charlie Brown, AK is the football, and variance is Lucy.


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      I've lost more money with AA than any other 2 cards over the years. True story...

      Made some decent money with them too though. Got to love it when KK comes to play.


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        I'm finding the pocket aces are batting around 870. That still means the odds of losing is 13% with this combination. As you demonstrated, there will be a lot of players disappointed, and it is all mathamatical.

        Regarding AK, either way, the batting percentage is hovering just below the 500 mark.

        Shameless plug:

        Check out the stats I've been keeping on the group one and two hands in the Beginner's Forum. Better yet, how about doing a few months tracking these hands and reporting your results. Seeing if my numbers are in a reasonable range can only happen if others submit their data.



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