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Looking for MTT or Sit n Go players to back

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  • Looking for MTT or Sit n Go players to back

    I am looking to back players for multi and sit n go play.

    Must have finished in top 300 at least 1 month on PSO leader board.

    let me know what tournament you want to play, if I decide to back i will ship the entry fee to you before registration.

    If you win I want buy in back + 50% of winning over the initial buy in IE. BI=5.50 winnings for tournament is 12.63 I get $5.5 + .50% of $7.13 or $9.06 you get to keep $3.57

    If you loose I do not expect to get paid back

    $5.50 or less for 1st time win a couple tournaments and we can discus higher buy ins and greater % for player to keep.

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    1 BI?

    if so, I would like to apply for your Stake offer for a $5.50 single table SNG.

    I am un-able to acquire VPP for this month due to a cash shortage, so would appreciate a chance to "hit" for 50% + the BI returned.

    Ask around: if you stake me, I am a person who will pay off the stake.

    no guarentees, but I also think I have a pretty good chance at moneying off 1 BI.
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      Ok JDean

      shippin you $5.50

      Gl, please post up date and result in this forum


      • #4
        Will do, as soon as received.
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        • #5
          I'd be willing to play a 90 man SNG on this basis.

          I'm in my seventh month at PSO and have never finished lower than 83rd in the league.


          • #6
            Cash Received.

            will be palying the $5.50 SNG now.

            Will post results, and bust hand (unless I win) after the event.

            the Event info is:

            Event #: 372728678
            $5.50 9 man SNG
            Starting NOW (Mar 8)

            results to follow...

            VPiP hand 1:

            VPiP hand 2:

            VPiP hand 3:

            VPiP hand 4:

            VPiP hand 5:

            VPiP hand 6:

            VPiP hand 7:

            VPiP hand 8:

            VPiP hand 9:

            VPiP hand 10:

            VPiP hand 11:

            BUST HAND. Out 4th.

            VPiP hand 12:

            This guy had limped my prior 3 BB, and I really thought this was going to be a chop, or MAYBE a "win" for me if he held 99/TT. Unfortunately, he limped big.

            Final Stats:

            During current Hold'em session you were dealt 66 hands and saw flop:
            - 8 out of 10 times while in big blind (80%)
            - 1 out of 10 times while in small blind (10%)
            - 3 out of 46 times in other positions (6%)
            - a total of 12 out of 66 (18%)
            Pots won at showdown - 4 of 8 (50%)
            Pots won without showdown - 6


            Thanks for the shot.
            Last edited by JDean; Tue Mar 08, 2011, 07:53 PM.
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              Ok darkman

              sounds good let me know the buy in you want and I will ship. Please post update and results in the forum


              • #8
                ty JD

                Good luck to ya


                • #9
                  Ok so ive never finished in the top 300 here, but i do place in the money in the rookie division tournys often....also at sports book i won the dollar dazzler tourny for a 119 win off of 1 dollar.

                  I need to jumpstart my bankroll and this would be perfect chance.....i would like to play one of these 3.50 to 5.50 45 or 90 man pretty sure i can cash in and if not i would ship you your buy-in back on the first of april when i make my next deposit.... what do you say?


                  • #10
                    good luck fellas umbup:


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by EA2USN View Post
                      Ok darkman

                      sounds good let me know the buy in you want and I will ship. Please post update and results in the forum
                      I was thinking about the $5.50 game.

                      I might play tonight, but more likely tomorrow. I'd post the tourney # on here as soon as it got underway for the benefit of any railtards


                      • #12
                        Ok ericlee

                        I will send you $3.25 for a 45 or 90 man sit n go Gl. please post updates and results in this forum.

                        Good Luck


                        • #13
                          Ok Dark

                          $5.50 shipped

                          please post up dates and results in forum

                          Good Luck


                          • #14
                            money sent Dark and eric

                            good luck


                            • #15
                              Nice Run JDean

                              ty for posting the tourny info.



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