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sunday mill final table deal!!

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  • sunday mill final table deal!!

    so what did you guys think of a low stakes buy in player demanding 150k more than half a mill offered???

    and what did you think of the guys were there pressuring or what??
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    i think the short stack scored just went from 41k to 263k

    7 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Just posted it in the other thread, Funnier then hell.


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        i feel 1st should still have taken down at least a mill the deal sees 1st place payout chopped by something like 40% yet 9th gets 600% roi for the original 9th place cash wow i bet 9th is laughing


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          If this had been live it would have been an 8 way chop after they pummeled the zeurrr dude unconscious when he was holding out for more,lol.

          Micro player by OPR and he wants to hold out and not take 500K. Un-freaking-real.

          Haha Badbeatslayer just typed "Special thanks to PStars RNG for effing me for 1 year. It was worth it."


          These guys have to be Damn near tripping ballz right now.


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            did the guys get a kip or have they been at it all night???


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              LOL.......i was watching the table when they made the chop......i almost pissed myself when the guy said...."thanks to the pokerstars RNG for f'in me for a year." lololololololololololololololololololololololololo lololololololo


              i thought the chop was rather odd.........if i was that chipleader guy i woulda asked that everyone donate something to make my payout a mill. and then the other guy who was in like 4th or 5th place said he wanted 150k more..LOL
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                I think Badbeatslayer should have held out and made them keep playing. How can you lose with Charlie Sheen as your avatar?

                Charlie Sheen= # Winning #


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                  i saw that!! and the moderator at one point said "winning!!!" too funny


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                    I woke up at about 2am MST, when 41 players left. Monitored the #1 table with the german wstr(?) in the lead. This guy was a shove monkey extrodinare, Playing serious big stack poker, and sucked out countless times....he got beat a few times...but he couldn't have been older than 21-22 and a horeshoe shoved up his bombay doors.

                    He was only about 5 mil in front of the other german when they hit the final table and started the chop session. Earlier in play he stated..... if he got to the final table he wouldn't go for the chop....then had the balls and the foresite to ask for 5% over normal chop, then asked for more, when badbeatslayer (Charlie) Offered him 5K of his own to accept. the chop..... Badbeatslayer was the king and hero of that table..... and I pissed myself too when he thanked pso for f***ng him....

                    The fish who tried to extorte them for 180K (10K from each) will get his one day when badbeatslayer runs over him in his new LAMBO...

                    can't wait to see the final table rerun...even though it wasn't for the money, just the car....I wrote down some predictions of what hands they had after folding with no showdown....there was some serious bluffing going on least thats what I think. One of the loosest Sun Mil final tables I think there ever was...but I've been wrong before...many many times...and The Sunday Mil is way out of my league...for now..

                    The General

                    PS suggestion to Pkrstrs.......disable the chat for observers in last 2-3 hours of this kind of tourney.....nothing but junk posted by observers and way to hard to go back and review basic pot summaries.


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                      I Felt really bad for Mr. Wiggley, He played an incredeible guty short stack game and just missed the final table by a cats wisker.....great game Mr Wiggley



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