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Sit n go strategy.

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  • Sit n go strategy.


    I am thinking of what would be the best strategy in low limit sit n go.

    small ball strategy or the good old wait for premium hands at start and get looser the deeper the game goes? This is mainly directed to the start of a full table STT.


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    Different strategies work for different people, but I think that just waiting for premium hands is bad. Even the non-turbos progress fast enough that you can justifiably steal very early on. I play much more loose/aggressively in STT's than I do in MTT's.


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      And welcome to the forum, by the way.


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        thanks but if you think of the table image. if you wait for the best hands you will have a very tight table image and will more likley be able to steal the blinds in later blind levels. or do you suceed on stealing blinds even if you have a more loose table image?


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          Depends on the table. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Usually, if you have good hand selection, then your table image isn't quite as important. It takes a significant amount of time to establish an image, and if you're bleeding chips because you're folding to other people's steals while you do it, it isn't worth it. In STT's, I think that an effective TAG style requires fairly loose hand selection. At the very least, when the blinds get big enough to matter, when you're in late position and the pot is unopened, you really need to know when opening with Q4s is actually correct, even for a tight/aggressive player.

          That's just me though. Some other people might have differing opinions. I think playing tight is good, but being adaptive is a skill that helps quite a bit. If you're new, follow the guide in the PSO lessons. I hear it's very good. I took it awhile ago and it helped my game a lot. It should be a good starting point while you pick up experience.



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