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25 cent 45 and 90 man sng

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  • 25 cent 45 and 90 man sng

    I am trying to find a good bankroll builder

    does anyone know the average duration of 25 cent 45 and 90 man sng.


    what should my winning percantage be in these.?


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    45 man's last about 2 hours and 3 to 4 hours for the 90 man's depending on players. Many here use these games to build their rolls. Check out 19Honu62's (Cowboy) thread on his 1000 game adventure in these games.

    ROI depends, you should just worry about cashing at this point.



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      ty I was hoping to get around 25 percent cash and 10ish percent top 3


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        do this-- as per another challenge the mighty turtle put out there-- take $6.25 from your bank roll- which gives you 25 buyins- to allow for variance-- play 100 of the 25 c. sngs-- chart your progress- honus mark was $24 in profit-- jdean did a little better-- i made 23-- couple others did real well also- holdupman48 smacked it-- see where u at after 100-- and post results-- many of us believe- that this is a great way to boost your roll and learn tonnes-- gl -- monk..


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          Originally posted by JT_Sooooted View Post
          ROI depends, you should just worry about cashing at this point
          Really? These things do not have generous payout structures. I think ITM% is the thing you should care less about. If you can't make high finishes, I don't think they're worth it.


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            thanks unfortuntely my B-R is a little below 6.25 however i am still going forward with this


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              the 6.25 was just an arbitrary amount - for 25 buy-ins- to account for variance-- so u dont go busto-- so whatever you have- you should be able to turn it into 20- 30 $ -- i suggest you play 2-4 at a time-gl ... monk...and oh yes- take notes if u have time-- u gonna see many peeps alot--


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                25% ITM sounds kind of high to me. I do however believe it is possible in these sng's because people just play so bad. 15% - 20% sounds more likely a result in the long run though. Anyways, it is easy money.... but it takes a lot of time and you get no VPP's for it. With your current bankroll, these sng's are the perfect choice.


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                  I used to play these while playing limit hold'em to build VPP's. I would suggest once you get your roll up. You play some limit ring inorder to get Active. That is, if you are looking to get as much $ as possible from this site.



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                    Playing SNG late at night

                    Also if you want some real fun play late at night as 90% of the players are euro donk calling stations that will throw chips at anything. But they are a good way to have some fun and build a bankroll, as well just be aware of the cycles - first 3 rounds are donkville all in , then everyone tightens up and then close to and the final table are all in donkville again.
                    cheers the Hamster



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