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  • charlie.....

    don't know bout you all, but I love these sayings that Charlie Sheen is coming up with.

    Absolutely classic, hilarious stuff. I know that the forum is for poker related topics......but i guess the godfather of poker himself, Doyle Brunson, posting about how he likes Charlie because he is a gambler makes it kinda poker related........i'm just joking. lol. But Doyle really did post that. It was on the PSO front page where the tweets pop up on the left hand side.

    i wish i could post a link here to some of his interviews........but i'm sure you can find them.

    my favorite Sheen quote so far is............"i'm tired of pretending i'm not bi@%'n and a totally freakin' rock star from Mars." well actually, it's a toss up between that epic line and when the reporter asked him about people saying he was bi-polar.......he says "i'm bi-winning!" LOLOLOLOL

    he is so great.

    what do u guys and gals think?

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    hate seeing anybody implode

    Hate seeing some one self destruct like this - be it Charlie Sheen or PSO Seagull - then again I've never been one to take in blood sports, watch Evil Kenevil or any other activity where the goal is to see one harmed as the ultimate outcome.


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      And we prolly shouldn't forget his long history of violence against women...

      I mean, yeah, look at the guy say crazy things... Funny stuff. Forget that he shot one of his girlfriends before he was accused of beating others...

      Just sayin'


      • #4
        Go back and watch the inteview again hip. The one where they're strolling outside during part of it.

        A traffic accident slows down to look at Charlie..............


        • #5
          I imagine Ode's point is the reason that he's being interviewed at this point in time. Laugh and point sort of thing. The fact that he's going off the rail to begin with is unfortunate. The fact that it's being used for talk show ratings is kinda sad.


          • #6
            Its a hard thing to get a kick out of but it seems like a lot of people are.
            Hopefully he can get some help.


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              i totally agree with everything you all have is very sad, and it is very obvious that the guy is losing it. when i said he is "great" i wasn't reffering to him as a person, but to the absolute crazy mysterious things coming out of his mouth. hopefully he does get help, but till he does he is building a wealth of some of the funniest and oddest things to ever come out of someone's mouth.

              i can't help but laugh. now as far as the mention of Seagull, i actually thought of him also as i watched some of the Sheen clips....if you saw any of the youtube stuff Seagull put up (and then took down) it is pretty sad. and definately not funny. at least Charlie is laughable with his off the wall sayings. the "winning" thing he says all the time is just hilarious.


              • #8
                I say laugh at Charlie all you want. The stuff he says is awesome. Laugh right in his face if you can. He is a true low-life. I guess it isn't all his fault though, getting close to 2mil pumped into you every time you do a show does some messed up things to your ego I'm sure.


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                  i remember charlie sheen from major league, Mr.. Rick Vaughn, the wild thing, and money talks with chris tucker, very funny movies.. the sad thing he is blowing up in front of the whole world..
                  dude was always a rebel, but i like him so i hope he get his sheet luv charlie..


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                    is it tru that charlie sheen and emilo estivez(sp?) are brothers?? by the way what ever happened to emilo?


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            's odd how alot of his ramblings actually ARE poker oriented in a way. lol


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                          Originally posted by ericlee1984 View Post
                          is it tru that charlie sheen and emilo estivez(sp?) are brothers?? by the way what ever happened to emilo?
                          Half brothers.............not sure if he's alive or not yet?



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                            Originally posted by JT_Sooooted View Post
                            Half brothers.............not sure if he's alive or not yet?


                            Actually they are full brothers, Martin Sheen's original surname is Estevez, Charlie decided to follow daddy's lead and adopt Sheen as a stage name while older brother Emelio did not.
                            He is alive and living a normal life of a mature adult.

                            My favorite Sheenism of the week is when he said he is tired of pretending not to be special.

                            Sadly, most people are laughing at him and not with him. Most people are rooting for him to fall on his ass after his behaviour this week with all his narcissism. I will miss the show though, loved it.


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                              -charlie, oh charlie



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