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  • New & Frustrated

    I'm fairly new to poker and just looking for some advice.

    After reading may articles and forum advice I try to play a tight aggressive game, and when the good hole cards are coming it has been working really well (probably like everyone) but as of late I have been getting terrible hole cards (last 5 or so tourneys) and I get frustrated and start chasing draws and making stupid bets.

    So my question is, how long do you remain patient, do you just sit there waiting until you blind yourself out, do you wait until you have a certain number of blinds left in your stack and push all in with A/crap? Any help would be great, getting very frustrated.

    I know this is when being able to read the table and opponents comes into it with regards to stealing and pushing people off of hands/draws but this is a skill I’m still trying to learn, so in the meantime are there any other tips or tricks I can use or do I just keep being patient, wait for the good cards and working on my reading skills


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    patience is the key i read a premium hand is 1 in 60 somewhere

    the thing is if you constantly fold fold fold the table will read you and fold you when you wait 60 for a monster,,

    loose up a little read into the oppenents play whilst you fold watch the hand ranges they play when you can get a cheap limp go for it try to steall the blinds if you can just keep an eye on the guys on the blinds see if they fold often to a raise pre flop

    of course you have to consider mtt's sngs and turbos as your game will change in which case but
    keep up the patience game dont go chasing see a flop if you miss fold if you get the odds see a street

    gl and welcome to pso


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      one suggestion.........if u are not playing any hands at all for a while because u are getting crap hands, your opponents are probably thinking you play super tight. (and u may, i dunno) , so get a decent hand like maybe a mid suited connector ( like 8c 9c), and make a decent preflop raise with it. i would only suggest doing this in a later position, say around the button. if the flop hits you , cool! if it doesn't and the board texture is not too scary, then continue bet. if you are folding very often preflop, you will be surprised how much credit you will get for a preflop raise when u do it.


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        Can't even begin to attempt to answer this without knowing EXACTLY which game you want advice on.


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          Thanks for the replys so far, looks like patients is the key. Something else I need to learn.

          I mainly play $1 MTT no rebuy, have played a few of the $2.20 180 player SNT's


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            Dlow, It appears you are not playing in our league. PSO is all about giving you a chance to grow and learn whithout blowing a bunch of money or playing freerolls without cash rewards or for play money. I HAVE GROWN IMMENSELY SINCE JOINING THE PSO LEAGUE!

            Reading your opponents and learning how and when to switch gears is paramount. Loose play only, can get you busted, while tight play only, can get you blinded out. The league allows you to experiment with how and when to switch gears. Play a little looser with a big stack and a little tighter with a short stack.

            Learning your odds charts by heart, as well as figuring your outs quickly, is also key. Certainly I'm not telling you anything you probably haven't read.

            Here are somethings that have helped me out, and I by know means am an expert...I am just another newbie (been playing poker seriously for 3 years. I"ve been playing for 7 months in pso league). I am however committed to becoming an expert and I have accepted the fact that growth is a learning curve thing that comes slowly with experience (play time). So first, commit to a certain number of hours everyday practicing and reading.

            Like the old joke.....the man on the street corner asks the cabby.".how do I get to carneige hall"...his answer, ."practice, practice, practice"

            1. Don't lament when you fold the nuts... it happens
            2. Don't lament when you get a bad beat.... it happens
            3. Try going to the flop,and subsequent streets with as few opponents as possible..If you miss the flop....fold 80% of time!!...rarely chase two outers...Pocket pairs, wether they are duces or Aces, are not as strong pre-flop, as many players think..beware of hidden sets...pockets plus one on the board will hose your two pair and leave you short stacked or on the rail!! Don't chase straights with weak suitors.
            4. Position swings both ways...opening with a raise is often times as powerful as raising on the button.... avoid limping 80% of the time, unless it's a hand you will call a raise with!!
            5. Constantly study what I call the action seats...cutoff, button, sb, bb, UTG.
            6. get a read on how each opponent plays these five seats. know your neighbors well ...especially the two seats on your left...and the two seats on your right.
            7. take notes on all players
            8. come up with abrreviated terms for taking notes.
            9. PLAY WITHOUT DISTRACTIONS, NO TV, NO BLOGGING, NO MULTI TASKING. NO KIDS RUNNING AROUND...Concentration keeps you in it...distractions blow you out!
            10. Play close attention to what and how a player plays his hand when a showdown occurs and make notations!!
            11. play one table at a time
            12. check your emotions at the door....when you get put on tilt...sit out, get your composure back before re-entering.
            13. Players with less skills will bad mouth you as a strategy to put you on tilt...If you have thin skin.....turn off the chat....develop thick skin!!!
            14. Monitor what others say on's one way to get reads on players.
            15..Rarely chat it gives reads and takes your concentration away from the game.
            16, Make a prediction as to how a player will play with each hand as it becomes their turn to act.
            17. Don't use predecision buttons before it's your turn to act, unless it's used as strategy
            18. Rarely risk your entire stack, but don't be afraid to risk it either....Live by the all...die by the all in.
            19. Learn how to both avoid as well as exploit marignal players (donks)
            20. Learn the math, learn the math, learn the math.
            21. Study and read every always get back what you put in!!
            22. Seek out mentors, coaches and confidants.
            23. Learn and develop bankroll management
            24. Learn how and when to use what I call the 5 P's. Patience, Position, Prowess, Pounce, & Pullback
            25. Be the hunter...Not the prey.... KNOW THE DIFFERENCE
            27. It's really not a fun game, don't play it for it to win money...Exploit the lambs
            28. Never say your sorry.
            29. Except your bad beats as well as your suckouts...they will even out
            30. Always remember Doyles Law...It's about making the right decision without having all the information necessary with which to make the right decision..EVERY DECISION IS SITUATIONAL.

            DAMN I got carried away there......

            Tournaments and ring play are DIFFERENT!!!

            Tourneys are about survival....everytime a player is eliminated gets you closer to your goals!!!..One bad beat and you are rebuys (rebuy tourneys are nasty and for donkeys least the rebuy period is...enter them late only and with caution!!!)....Goal #1, beat the bubble (cash in)....Goal as deep as possible (scratch and claw your way onto a final table)..Goal #3...Make the final table AND GO FOR IT!!

            Ring Play....Leave when your ahead...know when to patient...don't risk youre entire bankroll, RECON A TABLE FOR AT LEAST 10 HANDS AND TAKE NOTES ON THE PLAYERS BEFORE YOU START TO PLAY ON IT!!! IT WILL GIVE YOU A DISTINCT ADVANTAGE RIGHT OFF THE BAT..YOU KNOW THEM...THEY DON'T KNOW YOU!!

            (This one is just my feeling with regards to poker stars...that is.... choose an odd numbered seat over an even numbered seat, I prefer seat number 1 or seat number 9)




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              i think for the most part u made some good suggestions GENERAL GEO.
              i do disagree with one statement very much though........#9. play WITHOUT distractions.

              I agree that you don't want to be "distracted", but for me personally, heavy multi-tasking is the ONLY way for me to play online poker. When i first started playing online years ago I would concentrate on just one game at a time............soon i found that i would get too involved with the game at hand and therefore also put too much emotion into it, which is NOT a good thing to do in poker.
              Sure, you can be passionate about the game, but if you are just staring at one table on your screen for hours it can get downright boring... i mean, that is a big part of the beauty of online poker, that it's in your house, and therefore you can do anything you want while playing poker at the same time.

              If i want to concentrate deeply on poker, i will go to the casino and play live.

              Have fun with it, and realize that you are playing poker on a computer. Purposely multi-tasking has greatly helped my online poker game..... for me it lessens the emotion that i devote to any one game.

              the ONLY thing i do not do while playing poker online is take a phone call.
              there have been times before where i was in the middle of a big hand with a great hand and the phone rings, i answer it and totally zone out and by the time i look back at the screen i have timed out and folded......i did this one time where i had a straight for the nuts and had a guy calling me all the way for a buncha chips and i timed out on the river!!! DOH!!!! no more of that. i do smoke alot of good pot, so that may have had somethin to do with it also.


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                ooops I screwed up and deleted a line when editing.

                number 3. The last sentence should read.....

                Don't chase straights with gapped connectors, and don't chase flushes with weak suitors...


                not .....don't chase straights with weak suitors....duuuhhh


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                  Hiphop....thats kewl.. I'm a lousy multi tasker.... can't walk and chew gum at the same


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                    General & Hiphop, thanks very much for your replies, lots of info there to take in but i enjoy the learning side of anything I try my hand at.

                    General, I only just joined the PSO today, so haven't played any league games yet but plan on starting soon, just passed the BASIC and the CORE tests so I'm ready to roll.

                    I know i've got a lot to learn and a long way to go and I really appreciate you guys sharing your knowledge and experiences with me.

                    Look forward to talking more on the forums and seeing you guys at some final tables.


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                      basic abc poker in the pso league will take you a long way dude for future tournies etc you enter


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                        "Ring Play....Leave when your ahead...know when to leave."

                        I might disagree with this a little, (I'm far from an expert on this though) - If there are big donators at your table, why leave and let someone else reap the benefit?


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                          Originally posted by DLow1111 View Post
                          General & Hiphop, thanks very much for your replies, lots of info there to take in but i enjoy the learning side of anything I try my hand at.

                          General, I only just joined the PSO today, so haven't played any league games yet but plan on starting soon, just passed the BASIC and the CORE tests so I'm ready to roll.

                          I know i've got a lot to learn and a long way to go and I really appreciate you guys sharing your knowledge and experiences with me.

                          Look forward to talking more on the forums and seeing you guys at some final tables.
                          If you gonna start playing the PSO-- study the scoring system- search the forums- and take massive amounts of notes on players- especially noting the the ones who are here to play atc for recreation vs. the ones trying to get pos. points-- pso is an entity of its own-- gl monk...



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