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It needs to be said

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  • It needs to be said

    It has become aparrent over the begining of this week that many people on this forum, regularly posters and many players within the community who post less but do like to read the forums are somewhat uncomfortable with the appointment of ericnnancy as a forum mod.

    Having spoken to several members who have had run in's with him in the recent past, the general consensus is that his appointment as a moderator will only have negative consequences on the forum as a whole, most significantly in Eric's ability to actually administer punishment as almost all cases can be replied to with "well, you behaved no differently"

    Any new members to the forum who look back through historic posts by mods will be baffled that somebody with such a recent history of flaming, cussing out on other school members and offering prop bets for members to leave might well begin to question the professionality of the site and as we know (we have all been there) new players can be very shy, and knowing that somebody in a position of authority is capable of making them feel very small might very well be too intimidated to continue to use the site and will not encourage friends and family to sign up too.

    Having said that. Eric's role, colating data and back stories of players and taking the time to summorise the weeks happenings is very good, and his placement in to this role, I believe was a positive step for the forum and I as well as many others enjoy to read his weekly summaries.
    What is baffling is the very generous work that eric does for WS players, it was great to see one of whon (joker41673) was given the opportunity to to play in a round 1 sattelite for the anniversary sunday million and was skillful enough to win himself a round two seat.

    Moving forward.

    Eric, though sometimes misguided, is a very active and dare I say valuable part of this community, and in many ways his enthusiasm can be positive. I fear though that he currently does not have the neccasary respect needed to perform his moderator duties on the front line. I for one, believe that there is a role for him within the general scope of the moderator field. This would be to start to crop/remove many of the now outdated posts begining at the last post on the forum and working forward, this certainly needs to be done as it will significantly improve the performance issue that I find on this website. This should not affect any google search rankings if the oringal posts are kept in tact and either, a brief summary of the points made is made on post two, or if just the nonsense that is off topic is removed.

    Happy to discuss the matter further here on in PM

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    As much as we like to erase the past it is in most of our heads.
    He does a good job with the weeklys but Modding the forum seems a little bit of a issue based on the older posts.

    Time will tell and hopefully it works out.



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