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How would you play this hand

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  • How would you play this hand

    I just watched a a Poker Stars Pro play this hand, want to know how you would play it.

    You have Pocket 8s in the Hijack seats. Blinds are 60/120 you have a healthy stack almost 6k. Middle position comes in with a small raise a little over min raise. you make the call, then small blind comes over the top and shoves last 2300 chips. middle position folds, what would you do.

    I know you would have to have observed this player, see how they play but say you just got moved to a new table and your in this situation.

    So do you make the call for 2000 more chips, almost 1/2 your stack so if you lose the hand you still have 3k chips but are now below chip average or do you fold and wait for a better chance?

    So Vanessa Rousso makes the call with her 8s. opponent has KQ suited, the 8s hold up.

    I think its pretty much a coin flip decision to call or not, either one I would guess would be right, you probably always put them on 2 high cards but is it worth it going into a coin flip with a slight advantage.

    How would you play the hand?

    Also I'll add some additional info:

    Not close to the money, maybe still 1000 people before in the money. You have chip average before the hand
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    Like you said, so much depends on the situation. Can't answer out of context.


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      If the scenario is I'm new to the table I'd be folding, no read on the SB, no idea of their range, the folding by the initial raiser whilst making it a coin flip would add to my caution as this would be my only indication on how the SB and this bet was perceived by players who had been sat with them a while.

      If I've been playing this opp for a while I'm going to use my read to decide, particular as its HU, I'd probably call it though but then I do have a soft spot for 88 , losing the hand would be a set back but not a disaster.

      My question would by why is VR calling and not raising herself?
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        easy fold when new to a table the guy could have been as tight scrooge and woke up with aa,kk,qq easy enough always good to get a read so you dont have 1 you can lay 8s down easily



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