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Panicky Progress Report

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  • Panicky Progress Report

    So, just thought I'd share my progress with you guys, and maybe get some sage advice from anyone who's hanging around PSO this time of night. So, I've been playing the $2 - $5 regular speed MTT's lately, with one or two $8's thrown in for fun. I won a few nice cashes a while back, so I had a cushion of quite a few buy-in's to last me awhile. It's been a week, and maybe 30 or so MTT's, and my ROI has been so incredibly dismal that I'm forced to move back down the ladder into the sub-$1 zone. I felt like I was doing well a week ago, but maybe my play has worsened. Either way, a few extra study hours won't hurt, so I plan to get in some of those tomorrow, and I want to set up a more regimented plan for study in future weeks. I just finished a handful of 10 cent turbos, which I was crushing a few months ago. I opened 4, lost one, opened up another one, and just played through those 4. I busted before the money in 4 out of 5, and I made my debut 1st place finish on the 10 cent scene in the fifth. 50 cents spent, $8.50 returned. I think that tomorrow I might just spend a few hours running four of those at once until my roll's back up above the $40 zone or so, then I might jump back into some more expensive games. I've also been giving 6-max fixed limit cash games a try, but it's been break-even at best. Some more study there too, will definitely help. Anyway, if any of you guys have tips about how to deal with these bankroll swings, I'd love to hear some of it. An inspirational bankroll story always cheers me up. Also, if anyone has any strategy tips or directions to exceedingly soft games, hit me up. I'm listening. t-up:

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    what kind of nut case would be up this late

    oh wait a min. never mind

    i only play cash tables so if i'm not hitting

    i just play less hands

    good luck

    sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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      early last week, i went on a 50-60 buyin downswing, (-$175 or so)... my BRM allowed me to play through it without dropping down a level.

      finally i started winning again and narrowed my loses by $150... then had a +$500 night

      so the heater continues...

      i think what you're doing is right... play within your BR and drop down to the .10/360 to build back up when you're down, i did the same. i kept my BR around $50 and would basically take shots @ $1-$2 with any money above $50... when i dropped below, i'd play the .10/360s again

      the first $100 profit is the hardest... .once you're there again, try not to play anything under $1 because you won't be allowing yourself to win enough money to advance.


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        Thanks john.duce. I'm glad to hear that downswings happen, but don't have to be crippling. I don't know if I'm playing bad or just running bad, but I'll balance my bankroll and make sure I don't bust while I find out.

        I have definitely been ignoring the traditional MTT buy-in guidelines, though, and have been pretty loose with my money. I've been buying in for 2%-10% of my roll, with the intention of taking it above $1,000 before I went above the $11 games. I dropped too fast to pull it off, though.

        Also, hemet, I don't think you're crazy. I believe it was something like 7am when you posted, so that just makes you an early bird.


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          The $.10 SNG and the $.25 SNG's are my fall back games if there is ever an epic disaster with my bankroll. Those SNG's are a sure fire way to turn a small profit and rebuild your roll. I certainly wouldn't expect to show nearly as high a profit as you did those first 5, but you should easily show a profit of some sort.


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            Originally posted by RockerguyAA View Post
            I certainly wouldn't expect to show nearly as high a profit as you did those first 5, but you should easily show a profit of some sort.
            lol, thanks for raining on my parade. under:under: I guess we'll see how it goes. I don't really expect to finish 1st very much if I'm 4-tabling, because that's a real attention-divider, but I guess we'll see. I'll report on my progress later today.


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              You shouldn't expect to get first often because that SNG is filled with 359 crazy people lol.


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                I'm unsure how often I can expect to cash well, TBH. If I recall correctly, my ITM% was something like 30% back in December, and that's in a field that pays 10% exactly. I know my fundamental skills have improved, so I think I should expect better cashes, but I get the feeling that expecting regular top-3 finishes is just expecting too much. Then again, when I did FT last night, I did so with a chip lead, and my fundamental skill of hand selection by itself seemed to carry me straight to #1. I didn't even have to think much. It's really hard to say how far my skill edge will take me, but I'm starting in about a half hour. I'm excited to find out.


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                  if you are getting 10 to 15% roi you are doing really well in MTTs.... the variance is much much higher


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                    Overall, since I started playing, I'm about -40%, and I haven't been able to squeak my ROI above 0 yet. I've been break-even for the past several weeks, which I take as a good sign, but I'm still not doing well yet. I'll get there though. It'll happen.


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                      one bit of advice...pick a level and stay till you are beating it, maybe if you are doing well take the occasional "shot" at a higher buyin game... Like John said a -30 to 40 buyin swing is not uncommon umbup:


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                        Where you are BR wise the single best option IMO,is to grind a couple hundred of the .25 45/90 man SNG's. If you're looking for solid returns when you do cash these are pretty sweet at this buy-in level as it's 15.6% ITM in the 45 and 13.3% in the 90 with only the 7th place prize in the 45 paying you back less than double your investment. Also there are 3 MTT's at these mini-micro levels that are worth it: The .10 $50 added (which goes 3 times a day),the .25 $100 Added MTT (10PM EST) and the newer .55 $500 guaranteed MTT (unfortunately for me at 4AM EST ). This tourney has 3k chips to start AND 15 minutes blinds. Registration stays open for 60 minutes but with 3k chips to start and 15 minute blinds AND a bevy of Eastern Euros just tripping over each other looking to chip you up there is no reason to late reg. this one IMO. You can easy be sitting on 7/8 K or more in chips at the 60 minute mark watching 300-400 late reggers who you have dominated chip wise come onto your table. I've heard peeps say good things about the earlier .55 MTT with Turbo blinds as well but have'nt tried that one yet. All of these MTT's are pretty easy to show a + ROI on in my experience. If you want to play some at the mini-micro level (like the .10 360's you mentioned) I would definitely look to add these SNG's and MTT's to your rotation. Good Luck. umbup:


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                          Thanks for the tips, Moxie. It actually looks like the late night 10 cent games might be easier than the daytime ones. I'm 0 for 10 or so to even make it out of the early stage of the daytime ones, because the games are just playing so weird. People are calling my shoves more, so I'm ending up 3-way w/ AK or 4-way w/ (and of course those rarely turn out well). I can't open w/ my small pocket pairs because the structure's too fast, and I'm likely to get reshipped on anyways... It's weird. I think I'll wait for the night games to take on the 10 cent turbos, but I'm in a $500 guarantee now, in fact, and people are in fact tripping over themselves to double me up. It's fun.


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                            lol, now here's the definition of 'donktastic': I'm in the $500 guarantee, and before registration even closes, over 5000 players have been elim'd.


                            • #15
                              Late night tourneys and cash are always better.
                              I think you have less grinders per average playing at the odd times.
                              If I was grinding seriously I would change my sleep cycle so that I catch those off hour times.
                              Mind you I used to play the $33 18k and 12k and they used to be really soft.
                              My last week of playing them I would be sitting with more regs than not,so when you find a soft spot its usually gone within 2 weeks.



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