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Beyond Belief

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  • Beyond Belief

    I have been losing contiuously day after day, week after week,month after month. No matter what I have tried to do to fix this my losing and bad luck continues. I am lost as to how to deal with it anymore. I have tried quitting for weeks at a time to see if time would change things, I have changed my game approach numerous times and nothing has changed. I continue to get bad cards and I am still getting bad beats all the time. So, I am wondering maybe it is never meant to be, some people are born to lose and there is nothing you can do about it no matter how good you play. I sit for hours sometimes in tournaments waiting for starting hands and by the time something comes that I can play with, the blinds are so high and my stack is so low that it doesn't really help my cause anymore and opponents fold as soon as raise. I like playing poker but it is no longer fun. Should I just quit playing permenatly? Does anyone out there have any helpful advice that isn't something I've heard a thousand times? Seriously, if you saw my hand history you would not believe your eyes, it's that bad. Is a frustrated and dispondent attitude part of the reason because it's pretty hard to stay positive while this is happening to me. Has anybody else out there gone through this for the same amount of time? How did you deal with it and did it eventualy end? I can't take it anymore. Please, somebody give me that peice of wisdom to get me going the right way.

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    All you can do is try to play through it until things balance out again, some streaks are longer than others. But it does seem like the bad streaks are way longer than the good ones. Best of luck working through it.


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      What I can seem to gather about such things, downswings can and do defy all reason and logic. They are literaly 'beyond belief'. The do happen though, all the time. It's a side effect of variance. I've experienced what you have, as recently as two days ago. A big difference in my experience though, it has never happened to me for more than a day at a time. Downswings can last a lot longer than that I hear though.

      That said, I would still have a hard time believing it could last months. There may be some major leaks in your game that are costing you big in the long run.


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        What is possibly happening BigL is that you have allowed the initial downswing to effect fundamentals in your game and you now find yourself in a continual cycle of trying to modify your game to compensate.

        Similarly to when you try to incorporate new knowledge into your game you will find your results dip for a period as you adjust and assimilate it into your game until it becomes natural to you, your cycle of modifying your game continually may be just producing continual dips in results as you are not giving time to adjust before moving on to the next modification.

        Fear and paranoia can also creep in if you allow it to continue, these will certainly have a devastating effect on your game.

        It is very important not to let past results influence your play in the same way as a bad beat on one hand should not influence the next, try to treat each hand, game and each session in isolation, I know its difficult but it certainly appears you are allowing "ghosts" of tables past to haunt you.

        I would suggest take a minimum week off from playing and go back to basics, do some study in that break on fundamentals, starting hands, position, bet sizing, etc and come back having mentally drawn a line under your downswing and with a fresh positive attitude.

        Whilst it may be hard to take at the moment you will find that you will come out of this downswing a better player for the experience with the ability to deal with future downswings more rapidly.

        Good luck and take care.


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          Like someone else mentioned, usually this kind of thing doesn't go on for months. I've had bad swings of cards or luck for about a week tops.

          I have to think it's your game. Why don't you post some hand histories so perhaps if there is a hole in your game it can be discovered.

          Your month must be busted by now, so try playing some other games. Play some razz freerolls (when I can't get two cards that add over 10 in holdem that is where I go) or stud. Get yourself out of this funk so you can start March with a different mindset.



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            You know what I find unbelievable? There's a Russian with a koala avatar at my table whose username is SEMEN110. Really Pokerstars? Seriously? And in caps, too? Really?


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              Maybe you can get someone to shadow you while you are playing (definately not me 'cause I'm still a newbie - lol). If you can find a good player who would be willing to shadow you while you play, maybe they can point out something you may be misssing. Good luck!



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