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I'm Extremely Angry tonight

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  • I'm Extremely Angry tonight

    Lost $120 in LIVE cash games at the casinos...

    KO'd in 6 online tournies wasting more than $20... ...

    I was on tilt for the whole night since the beginning. I was at a live casino cash game and because i sat around loose donkish calling station players, i rerasied a raise with AK suited, bet more than half of the chips i had (when i barely sat down)

    only to get called by 63o when i missed flop. I wen't all in on flop... yeah i know

    and 63o hit his gutshot on the turn or river, can't remember, rainy day just angry.

    so i go broke, buy in one more time and i made some calls, lost few chips. i try to semi bluff all in on a straight board only to get called by an idiot with middle pair no kicker. board had 7 K 5 flop, 4 on the turn and on the turn i go semi bluff all in with a gutshot cuz i was in tilt

    so i go broke once more...

    i went to another casino played a live game. i was still on tilt. failed to have the correct read on the opposing player, strucked down by a set when i had a top pair and didnt want to belive him i went broke.

    I was angry as i was walking out of the casino on a rainy night, i was able to think back and able to think why i lost by a set.... ...

    well im still on tilt. i come back home, go on pokerstars to play some tourney...

    i make all kinds of loose calls just like the donkies that struck me down by luck.......... and i had some sucess but not really and emotion got to me and i had no sucess at all for the night

    $1/2 NL live cash game... AJ suited raises to $6 on the UTG+2, and UTG+3 calls with 63 offsuite... and the UTG+3 raised to 9 with KQ suited previous hand so im not putting him on anything so i reraise to 21 and i still get called by both.

    its checked around to me since they all missed... i go all in with remainder of my chip which was about $16 and i get called...

    the idiot hits his gutshot...

    that started the whole trauma tonight and im hitting the bed ANGRY on a friday night.............. ...

    the very last hand i went out with at a different casino, i can think back and actually i've learned to really read players but... getting donkey called by 63o .... im not learning anything...

    so make a big raise to an idiot with AK AQ and knowing he missed, muck my AK AQ if i miss on the flop?

    suited AQ AK two nights straight i went broke with both at a live cash game...

    im just upset...

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    You were on tilt from the start? Terrible luck?.... sounds like it. The real problem though was going to play poker when you were on tilt. I can relate with your story some, I've had similar experiences.

    Don't play poker when your tilting, especially if you KNOW your on tilt. It just makes you a sucker.


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      In addition to the above NoNeed, don't assume everyone understands what you are doing when you are pushing your chips in. They will play the way they play and for you to be that aggressive right off the bat is a bad thing to do. If this was in fact the first hand after you sat down you had no idea how the players around the table were playing. I don't go nuts in a live game until I have had at least one orbit to take stock of the players around me. When you play the low stakes like that most of the players have no clue what you are saying when you play like you did. All they see is "hey, if I hit this card I win." Good Luck, and never play when you are on tilt, that is just throwing good money after bad.


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        it was like 3 hands after i sat down. i saw how he played. he was an idiot :S



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