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my $0-$1k journey... goal met

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  • my $0-$1k journey... goal met

    very surreal that this happens in such a short time... hopefully i can build more

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    Originally posted by john.duce View Post

    very surreal that this happens in such a short time... hopefully i can build more
    I was quite jealous there. I thought u had said $0 to $10,000. Furgeson Challenge. I'm trying that as well. Great Job. Please let me know when you hit 10K. I'll try to beat your there. But, wishing you the best also. -shark


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      Very nice man! I'm jealous

      So how did all this come about? $0 - $1000+ is no small accomplishment. Want some details!


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        Looks like you have those 180 player turbo SnG's scoped out.


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          very nice chart there! that was a great goal.. what's next? best of luck to ya, whatever you set out to do. umbup:


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            John, in poker as in life. It is always important to set goals and then attain them. This will allow you to evaluate your progress or lack of it. Either way, great success and it will continue.........



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              That's one mad graph John.

              How did you go from being a consistent "break even" player for almost 1,000 games to that? We need the story.


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                Originally posted by Darkman61 View Post
                That's one mad graph John.

                How did you go from being a consistent "break even" player for almost 1,000 games to that? We need the story.

                He flipped the switch, that's for sure.



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                  Sweet graph John umbup: I know for one thing John is a real student of the game... follows all the big players and studies them, and it looks like he transfered that studying to the tables umbup: keep it up man


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                    thanks for the replies guys!

                    long story short... i turned a 1st place pso tourney win into over $1k

                    roomik is correct... i study my favorite players by watching them play most nights.

                    i think my breakeven-ness for the 1st 1000 games or so had to do with the variance in .10/360 and using pso satty T$ to take shots at $1 sngs.

                    when i got 3rd in a $1/4k guarantee, i was rolled enough to exclusively play $1-$4 sngs and take shots @ $3r/180

                    been on a pretty sick heater for the last 5 weeks i guess.

                    things that i think make my game profitable:

                    1. I use Bankroll management... somewhat nitty 1%-2%

                    2. I multitable... it's beneficial for me because it helps select my hands better

                    3. I "treat" myself to play slighty higher than my BR allows sometimes

                    4. I don't dwell in bad beats... move on and load up a new tourney

                    5. I adjust my play in certain situation... play tight early and fairly LAG when i chip up and switch back TAG during final 2 tables - this isn't set in stone though since it depends on table dynamics (what others are doing)

                    6. I KNOW your shove/fold range...

                    7. I try not to be emotionally attached to losing money

                    8. I don't care about my ITM% - i just make my deep runs count

                    9. I don't play cash ring (i rarely do, just for shits and gigs)

                    10. I can probably say that there maybe ONE tourney that i've won 1st or 2nd where I didn't suck out huge at some point in that tourney.

                    anyways this is all stemmed from PSO earnings which is why i figured it was post worthy

                    this $1k goal of mine was set for this summer... i think the new goal is $10k by 2030? LOL

                    we'll see how it goes. you'll probably notice that i don't play pso league anymore really. this is because i'm a VOLUME player it's important for me to play a lot of games to make money, i can't do that and put volume into pso and do well in both.

                    thanks again!


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                      PM PSO Admin, they might be interested in this accomplishment. I know they like to know about PSO major cashes and such.

                      Great job, and I'll try and use your strategies to build my roll as well.


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                        Tell you what john the way you're killing those $2.20-$4.40 180 man Turbos is sick. Keep it going man. umbup:


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                          6 Time Bracelet Winner


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                            You're the man!!! Great job!!!


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                              wow great going and congrats john.duce!

                              I'm jealous im losing over 2K in a year already

                              but when i FIRST started i directly tackled $2~$5 MTTs so thats a big no no i geuss

                              so recently i play lots of sit and go and i think its helping me.



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