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whats with all the shove monkeys?

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  • whats with all the shove monkeys?

    just dont get it. is this a part of the training offered here?

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    I don't understand...just what it is that you don't get? Obviously you do get it...since you have a BINGO avatar.

    There are shove monkeys, there, everywhere. If you can't deal with them here, then how do you expect to deal with them anywhere else?


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      yeah so shove monkey calls blind, and behind his position with AK offsuite i reraise and he reraises all in, I hesitate for a moment, decide to call... to find out he has QJ... ...

      the shove monkey hits his QJ and I go out of the tourney

      end of story


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        We've all been there, you need to learn to deal with it. Everyone complains about it, but you have to deal with it in real money games too. You can develope your strategy here for nothing, It's all part of the learning process. Believe me, you will learn if you keep playing the PSO league. There are lots of lessons to be learned, if you keep working at improving your game you will become a winning player.

        Good luck!!
        Bracelet Winner


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          And then you have to remember, everything you learned online, throw it out the window when it comes to live play. In live play you play the people, then your cards!



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            Originally posted by SET OF QUADS View Post
            just dont get it. is this a part of the training offered here?
            NO> it is part of the training offered to people that watch too dern much TV poker.

            They watch one hour of edited poker, from a 3 day tourney. They see maybe 20 hands out of thousands that were dealt during the entire tourney.

            And they think that is how a whole poker tourney is played.

            So thats why they just do stupid crap.... and donk out on you.

            Just my theory but I bet it is pretty true.


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              I think the TV angle is part of it. And the fact that a huge percentage of players in this league are looking at it not in terms of the monthly leaderboard (you'd be amazed how many players in this league don't even know that there is a monthly leaderboard) but in terms of getting a couple pennies so that they can go get their .02 Hyper-donk Turbo Poker Crack MTT for the 9th plane of Hell fix on. And some are just Hubble-lized.

              Whatever the reason it's simply immaterial,the plain truth is that there are going to be donks,shove monkeys,ATC bingo bozos and "You'll have to pry these 2 cards out of my cold dead hands" Calling Stations at every level of poker and since they are likely to be seen more here in PSO,and other freerolls,this is a good place to learn how to use them for the purpose the Poker Gods intended them to be used for---to BUILD YOUR stack. If you can't consistently take chips off of these types of players then you're playing the wrong game Quads,simple as that.

              Too many Donks,ATC'ers,Shove Monkeys and Calling stations is not something a good player is going to gripe about. My sticking point is probably the same thing that led you to open this thread---learning to take the occsasional beat that this type of player will drop on you from time to time in stride,analyze your play to see if you played the hand correctly,shake it off and move on.
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                Early tourney play

                Learning to both avoid, as well as exploit the ALL player is vital to cashing in, in money tourneys. Especially large field MTT's. The more players, the more bingo players (especially micro stakes tourneys). Play very tight early but really pay attention to the players early.... to detect the weaker exploitable every other hand is an ALL-IN player. Wait for the right position, and cards. They can chip you up early...BUT, we all get donked by the 9-6 off ALL IN..... you know...Your pocket Aces, against his 9-6 off.....and the bingo flop 976 comes that also gives him a backdoor flush draw to go with is two pair and boat & gut shot straight draw. Need I go any further...arrgggg....BUT, you GOTTA SHAKE OFF THOSE BAD BEATS.....PSO has helped me so much with this part of tourney play.....I ran into two such players today in PSO...jurko(something)...and Idiot(something).. Right off the bat these guys are screaming Donkey in both play as well as their names and rankings...(I always check the pso players tourney ranking and past/present performance record at my table)....I always enter a tourney right at the last minute of late registration. The only ones I don't late register for are SnG's of course and turbo's with big blind changes. Some turbos go every 10 min with $10-20 incruments for the first hour (they are workable), and some go up in $100-$200 incruments ....big difference!!. But the good micro $1-$3 tourneys where the first hour of blinds (during late registration) still leave you with 20 big blinds or better when you enter, are great for late registration. 4004 players have entered the tourney and when you enter...1000-2000 are you are probably in the top %50 of players with your buyin amount, so you start the tourney in 1001 place with 2002 players currently in a total field of 4004. Top 25% of the entire tourney, right off the bat, you've beaten 2002 players without playing a hand...While the field pays out around 800th-600th place (with $4,004 plus in the prize pool. You avoid the donkeys, (Except for the late entry donkeys, lol)..... with a real shot at beating the bubble! Also, after your first hour of play, alot of your apponents have been grinding it out for two you are fresher as well, especially when bubble time comes around...... Plus min bets and raises mean something!! (now that they are larger)

                back to was 10 min into the tourney and he had bingoed up in chips and was playing bingo big stack poker,,,,then my very first hand (late entry), I get pocket 8's and he goes ALL IN for the second time, (when i first entered the table I was waiting for the button and watched him go ALL IN, prior to my hand!!)...I folded the pocket 8's, it was my FIRST hand...I HAVE LEARNED....NEVER TAKE ON A DONK IN THE FIRST HANDFULL OF HANDS>>> study them first..... to make a long story short, my buddy andrew got donked out by this guy, and he swore off pso for the rest of the month...he was so bummed out.
                Also with the guy idiot(something)...I chipped up early through him and ultimtely got a pso warm up ticket, finished in third watch those 'em/hate '

                Tourney play is all about SURVIVAL... First goal..... beat the bubble (cash in) (in PSO tourney it's get positive points +)..... seocnd as deep as possible (scratch and claw your way on to a final table)...Ultimate goal.....,MAKE THE FINAL TABLE AND GO FOR IT!!

                Easy to say....hard to do....come back to school next month andrew.... lessons happen 6 + times a day.

                BUT..... I had a bad week the second week of school and took a week did me good, so yea sometimes you gotta take a break...Andrew was lamenting to me in chat while I was still in the tourney...i finally told him to take a walk, get a pint (he's british)...and get laid... He swore he was off PSO for the rest of the month.... that will probably help him out a bunch...a break helped me alot.
                gl andrew


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                  Originally posted by SET OF QUADS View Post
                  just dont get it. is this a part of the training offered here?
                  Didn't you get the memo? They're everywhere. Part of the training offered here is the opportunity to learn to deal with them...

                  Im just saying



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