i plan on starting the LSOGSG on jan 1st 2003 at present it is just an idea swimming around in my empty head but it will hopefully be along lines like this.

1) it will have its own private forum(hopefully PSO will be able to supply) and chat room.
2) each member will have to contribute to the forum by making a certain number of posts to threads and starting threads each month
3) regular web chat debates on prearragned topics members will have to attend a certain number to remain a member.

the reason i thought to make it private and to make members have to contribute is to stop any one getting a freeride and to encourage debate amoungst the members

as of yet i havent thought about the numbers for 2,3 above or any other things that will come with the LSOGSG
this is where YOU come in if your intrested in the study group please express your intrest and ideas below

at the moment it will be a dictatorship with me in control untill which times i can get it set up as a commitee based group (hopefully before jan the 1st).