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LSOGC open for new members

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  • LSOGC open for new members

    As from today the LSOGC is open to every member of the school looking to improve there game.

    any player wishing to become a member will be resonsible for the collating of there own stars under the system prinited below.

    the aim of the LSOGC is to promote good play by reward

    when i joined the LSOGC my bankroll was 8813$ and my overall % was 57.08%

    being in the lsogc has HELPED in me gaining a 35K+ bankroll and a jump of nearly 5% in my % (not easy to do having played as many tournys as i had).

    the rules on collecting stars are as follows
    On signing up to the LSOGC you will have printed your over all % and your Bankroll, when you improve your % by 1.5 you will gain 1*. When you improve your bankroll by 2000 you will gain 1*. These stars are lost if you fail to maintain the standard ie slip below the level you need for that star. If your current bankroll or % is greater than WILDBILL41 you gain 5*s for excerlance. If you win a multi table tourny you get 1* for the period of 2 weeks after the 2 weeks you lose the star again.
    to sign up you need to print your current bankroll and overall % on this thread having played over 50 games
    the following members are already members of the LSOGC

    ironside jmuzzey jahana starrs geezer red rabbit zipman denverguy
    clay knight ponygee zivtlv pokerwidow1 wildbill41 rustynut scott the fierce
    musseyj enocho

    look out for news on the LSOGSG

  • #2
    Name: Indy_Bob
    Bankroll: 5163.00$
    Percentage: 53.43 (geez,,nowhere to go but up! lol)
    #of Events: 282


    • #3

      all i want to do is LEARN and IMPROVE and this sounds like a great idea iron, if u don't mind i'd love to take part. jokerAA 60.61%---3079br


      • #4

        58.07 in 503 games
        $15,227 bankroll

        i set a goal for the month, if i maintain 1 of the following:

        73.10 % 60 games
        72.20 % 65 games or
        71.50 % 70 games, in the month of Nov, i will break 60% cumm


        • #5
          ok sign me in iron

          do i get any stars by becoming a member (like in the frequent flyer programs they give you miles when u join!!)

          name: "spades"

          percentile: 65,74%

          bankroll: $20.168,

          games: 1.246

          data: as off Nov 1st 2002

          how that does work with E2C ???

          any conflits??

          spades 8)

          ps: someone took me 3k from my bankroll..need to check that with pso


          • #6
            Sign me up iron, Sound like a good tool to try to improve...I like rewards... :lol:


            Cummulative % - 61.51

            Tourneys - 262

            BankRoll - 10,289


            • #7
              Mabybe i missed a thread, but what does it stand for,,,, and what is it?


              • #8
                Lucky Son Of a Gun Club


                • #9
                  411 games played


                  • #10
                    % 64.44 (tries hard, could do better)
                    BR $1122 (peasant).


                    • #11
                      add me please..

                      be lucky.. 56.56%


                      games played


                      • #12
                        hey iron, i have realized i'm not going to get many stars in your club by playing the best hands and getting knocked out of tourneys by someone reraising with an all in draw hands, this is play money! and u can not reward the best play with a star because there are simply to many maniacs here who don't care and will get lucky and drag the good play down so please take me off your list, at this point my % and BR mean &&&& to me. thanks jokerAA


                        • #13
                          I don't think the star for a win should be removed after 2 weeks, it should be after x number of games.

                          I win a tourny then don't play for 2 weeks, my star disappears.

                          I propose the same 20 tournies as used in the hotlist, a star for each win in the last 20 (possibly with only 21+ player tournies counting), this accounts for the number of tournies people play i.e. someone who plays 50 tournies every 2 weeks will have more stars than someone who plays 2 tournies in 2 weeks.

                          This would a, make it fair and b, make it easy to look at hotlist if needed to see how many wins each player has and therefore win stars.

                          CLAY 'wild goose' KNIGHT


                          • #14
                            i second clay's opinion or suggestion. sounds good to me. and by the way, how many stars do i have?

                            jmuzzey lsogc


                            • #15
                              rule change *s stay for 20 games not 2 weeks



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