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Favorite Poker Books

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  • Favorite Poker Books

    Just would like to know what poker books ppl read and enjoyed, or really helped improve their game.

    Mines would be:

    Bob Ciaffone, Middle Limit Holdem Poker, and Pot-limit and No-limit Poker

    Hold 'em Poker For Advanced Players David Sklansky
    When I first read this book ages ago. I didn't agree w/ him on his aggression, and thought his swings were too great. But, now, I'm finding out more and more the man was a genius.

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    I enjoyed the harrington on Holdem series personally.

    One that isn't often mentioned is POT-LIMIT OMAHA POKER The Big Play Strategy by Jeff Hwang. Great book that covers PLO / Limit Omaha 8 / PLO 8

    You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you'll dance with the Reaper.


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      I'm currently working my way through Hwang's Pot-limit Omaha Poker as well... I agree with Sens that it's a great book that covers PLO, FLO8 and PLO8. I found the hand quiz style at the end of chapters a great way to better understand what made one hand better than another.

      I've also got both Super Systems & Super Systems 2 in my library. I can't recall the other handful of books I've picked up over the years to read. I actually have Hwang's & SS2 on the desk near my laptop right now.


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        Really, nobody else. Come on guys nobody else has read a good poker book?


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          On the suggestion of TheLangolier (PSO) I started reading 'Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time" by Rizen, Apestyles and Pearljammer. ...excellant material.

          The book comes in 2 volumes, I am reading volume 1 (just bought vol.2 w/1800 fpp's from the VIP store . These books give excellant insight into the thought processes of the top players in MTT tournament play by utilizing hands played by the authors and describing their thought proceeses as the hand unfolds. Volume 1 cover situations before the bubble, I understand volume 2 covers situations after the bubble...can't wait to read it.

          Harrington on Holdem offers very good strategic information...but these books enhance the lessons from Harrington by giving thorough analysis of the decision making process and planning ahead for your next move. Good stuff...


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            i didnt know volume 2 was available
            that book is my bible
            three internet poker geniuses share their thoughts
            each trying to be better than the last?
            that book is gold!


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              No Limit Holdem Theory and Practice by Sklansky & Miller. Book is getting a tiny bit outdated now, but still the best $25 I've ever spent.


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                Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hanson is my fav so far


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                  Originally posted by deezer_dee View Post
                  Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hanson is my fav so far
                  and there is why you keep losing.... Gus is the biggest donk of all


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                    Fave book

                    This book has less to do with therom and strategy ( a little is in there) but much more to do with history both of poker and American History civil war wise and has great insight into todays issues including a chapter on "potripper" UB , things like the fact Annie Duke and Howard Lederer are siblings - the fact someone bet Howard a $ 100k to eat a hamburger - hes a vegetarian. 5 chapters on the WSOP and its inception at Benny Binnion's Horseshoe Casino, its original players like Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar ( died of a coke OD in Vegas in $ 58 a night dive having blown his 25 mil winnings). It also mentions all the regulars as the Phils, Polaris - a bot that actually beat the best at limit poker, plus 2 chapters on Andy Beal who played the highest stakes limit hold em matches against the " Corp" and won and lost 40 mil.
                    Personally its a great easy going read with a huge amount of info - Dead mans hand - what is it and how did it come to be named that? The "sharps" that started with faro and progressed on to limit holdem ( NLH wasnt invented yet) with steel prongs welded to their rings to subtly mark decks. The women of poker etc. I could go on but your going to have to read the 600 pages yourself. Its called Cowboys Full The Story of Poker (Kings over 4's) by James MacManus - soft cover its $ 18.00 USD.
                    cheers The Hamster


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                      Sounds like a great read. Thanks cdn.


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                        I ordered these on the 2nd of February and got them the following week
                        The order was through PokerStar at a cost of 1,800 FPP's each

                        Winning poker tournaments one hand at a time, Volume 1
                        Winning poker tournaments one hand at a time, Volume 2
                        Professional no-limit hold'em, Volume 1

                        These were suggested to me by TheLangolier
                        Now I have plenty of reading and less time to


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                          Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
                          and there is why you keep losing.... Gus is the biggest donk of all
                          Can't f*ck with the dude's tourney record. Also like Super System but haven't tried the sequel.


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                            I gathered all the poker books I've collected through the years so far and in addition to SuperSystem, SuperSystem 2 and Pot-Limit Omaha by Jeff Hwang that I mentioned in my early post I have the following:

                            The Everything Texas Hold'em Book by John "Johnny Quads" Wenzel
                            Killer Poker Online/2 by John Vorhaus
                            How to Win No-limit Hold'em Tournaments by Vines & McEvoy
                            No-Limit Hold'em Theory & Practice by Sklansky & Miller
                            Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells by Burgess & Baldassarre

                            Some of these were bought for me by family members that knew I enjoyed poker and couldn't come up with other gift ideas for me on birthdays and x-mas over the years.


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                              I want to read the kill phil series, I have and have read some of Sklanskys theory of poker... good read so far
                              oh and I have the 1800 ebook let there be range... was sent to me but seems kinda shady..



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