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im done

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  • im done

    well i made it 100 25cent 45 man sngs. so heres my stats average 16 place finish buy ins =25.00 , 50.95 won, profit of 25.95 . i almost didnt make it , earlier in the week i told everyone in my home game i made it but i didnt i had counted a 1.00 win twice so i was dollar short and i had 11 games left.i went next 8 games without itm. 3 games left man im worried, game 98 i get 5th for 1.01 yes i made it , until i add everything up yikes im 38 cents short not even kidding. 2 games left and on game 99 i get a 4th place finish to secure the challenge. whoa thats close. awesome challenge i highy recomend this challenge to anyone that has more time than money it can most deff build a bankroll. for those that dont know the challenge 19 honu62 challenged anyone to beat his profit of 24.93 in 100 25 man sngs. thanks again 19 honu 62 for putting this out there had a blast

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    1- 354593897-4th-1.40 , 2-35460661-22nd, 3-354809194-6th-.67, 4-354818285-38th 5-354866324-21st ,6-354891951-3rd-1.85,7354948815-30th,8-354949455-17th,9-354950658-29th,10-354969462-16th,11-355137333-14th,12-355201354-30th,13-355212198-30th,14-355249093-5th-1.01,15-355273977-30th,16-355295928-10th,17-355296367-15th,18-355378713-14th,19-355534569-27th,20-do not have-30th,21-35577929-33rd,22-35578813-6th-.67,23-355755499-3rd-1.85,24-355806689-5th-1.01,25-355814085-1st-3.52,26-356148954-21st,27-356176316-24th,28-356176887-4th-1.40,29-356438578-15th,30-356470559-31st,31-356471081-18th,32-356537107-14th,33-356574611-1st-3.52,34356929842-43rd,35-356931740-16th,36-356959495-40th,37-356960088-40th,38-357325671-9th,39-357488930-26th,40-357599905-10th,41-357703535-12th,42-357744471-5th-1.01,43-357745000-5th-1.01,44-357943474-25th,45-357944173-20th,46-357980376-12th,47-358088686-2nd-2.41,48-358133771-4th-1.40,49-358295876-23rd,50-358398278-12th,51-358537375-5th-1.01,52-358538071-18th,53-358692142-13th,54-358692692-25th,55-358917731-33rd,56-358918384-27th,57-359122704-4th-1.40,58-359484368-20th,59-359484926-19th, 60-359529243-1st-3.52,61-359608682-17th,62-359617136-33rd,63-359763664-31st,64359769770-26th,65-359778709-1st-3.52,66-359927346-19th,67-359995158-41st,68-360178953-7th-.39,69-360226817-5th-1.01,70-360362051-2nd-2.41,71-360528267-29th,72-360529070-31st,73-360572172-1st-3.52,74-360630026-7th-.39,75-360697590-31st,76-360732549-2nd-2.41,77-360917682-19th,78-360938779-35th,79-360980977-3rd-1.85,80-361103060-4th-1.40,81-361132459-8th,82-361328675-19th,83-361707446-21st,84-361731097-16th,85-361875124-8th,86-361875737-27th,87-362041654-4th-1.40,88-362116697-18th,89-362212374-3rd-1.85,90-362563618-10th,91-362606318-8th,92-367280770-20th,93-362781343-14th,94-362822166-31st,95362869722-9th,96-362906200-19th,97-362279523-16th,98-363331433-5th-1.0199-363673160-4th-1.40,100-363718688-16th


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      good results Davey..way to go


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        Great job Daveysride. $1.10 shipped



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