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2-7 off its Official

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  • 2-7 off its Official

    UK late night/early morning TV Monday/Tuesday & Tuesday/Wednesday.

    One programme sponsored by Party P the other by our own beloved PokerStars featuring UKIPT champion of champions game (part 1).

    Phil Helmuth was the poker analyst on the Party P programme and was giving some pretty good insights about hands and why one shouldn't play the weak hands we see so much of on tv games now. The other commentator (Jessy May?) even had a poke at the weak hand players (the Internet Children he called them).

    Liv Boeree was the poker analyst on the UKIPT champion of champions game and she gave excellent analysis of hands. The lass (apart from having to fend off the PokerStars commentator's besotted comments was telling us what was good and indeed bad about playing certain hands etc. Ms B gave out an absolute gem that seems to have been missed by so many commentators and analysts - Each time a card is dealt one should completely re analyse the complete situation; not just think "I have a monster so will most probably win" and go hell for leather regardless whilst the board is actually developing into a very dangerous situation. Ms B also noted that even on this table of 'champions' some were not changing their game to suit the changing dynamics.

    IF only we could have a lot more of this true analysis by the sponsored professionals I believe the online community would actually benefit.

    The players had a side bet for anyone that could play 2-7o and win. So the programme makers slipped that one in and an Irish version of Darkman did indeed play 2-7 and won the hand (it did not go to showdown). To you and I we can see the 'fun' of playing a particularly weak hand and all the tournament risks that that can have amongst professionals; to newbies it is just an endorsement to play week hands. PokerStars should really have given a 'health warning' first Ms B went on to say that she actually cracked AA with 2-7 which left me wanting to see that hand.

    Sooooo I may just start playing 2-7o


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    I think everyone should just limp into every hand, because I can't tell you how many times I've folded what looks to be weak garbage, just to have it flop the nuts.


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      Originally posted by wwwMBeecouk View Post

      Sooooo I may just start playing 2-7o

      SnG three of us left.
      hehe I could not resist. And then there were two. I went on to get top slot and a nice $4 to boot. 27o Rocks




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