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pokerstrategy .com?

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  • pokerstrategy .com?

    Anyone have any knowledge or info about this site? I just received this email from this dude but I told him I wasn't interested. Probable some guy looking to get some referral money?

    I am looking for people to sponsor. All you have to do is sign up at http://www.******************/uVSQVJ and you have to use that exact link in order to get the first $50.Referred username is: tiltpokernow. You have to sign up and complete the quiz which is open book on their website. You get 5 tries and if you know how to read it is easy lol. After you complete the quiz successfully they will offer a choice between 2-4 poker websites to choose from.

    I would strongly suggest picking Party Poker if you have never had an account on their site. But if you have had an account on their site then you should choose William Hill which is one of their options because it is very easy. Not too many good players on that site. It will give you instructions on how to do so after doing the quiz so just follow those carefully. Once you receive the first $50 starting bankroll i will be coaching you. As long as you follow some simple things it will be easy to increase the $50 to much more than that. If you do somehow lose the $50 and you've listened to my coaching I will more than likely supply you with $50 more of my own money for a second try.

    At the end of this what I am looking for is a player I can sponsor to play if everything goes out with the coaching and playing. You do not have to deposit 1 cent of money in order to do this.

    By using that link I get your referral and that how we get the first $50. But the 2nd $50 and anymore money will be out of my pocket.

    If you're interested and have any questions let me know. I will do my best to help you out.


    Jeff King
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    The website is legit, as far as I know. They sponsor players with an initial bankroll if you register for their website. They also offer cash bonuses to people who bring in new people, so the message you got was probably from somebody trying to make a few bucks. Seems sketchy to me.


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      I took adavantage of this last year CoTe. It's free money, but there are conditions attached. So read the small print.


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        yup if you use that link he will get referral money.

        I have had about three offers to play at different sites via this website. Re party poker you cannot take out the $50 (the restricted element) but you can take out any profits. So far I have taken out $12 and used a little of it elsewhere and at present I have about $25 in the bank there ($10 is being kept by PPoker since they want to get their $50 back somehow).

        The good news is that every pay to enter game you go into is funded by either the $50 or the 'restricted' balance before your profit is touched

        Once your BR is diminished you can find that they keep the majority of any winnings in SnGs eg 2/3. You also earn points and once you have earnt 100 the restriction is lifted.

        If you like playing crazy Ivans (and I do) this is the site to do it

        It also has lots of Bank Roll builder freerolls

        The website you noted also has lots of good stuff re poker including freebee software (although I cannot for the life of me get the elephant thingy to work properly).

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          its a good site, lots of knowledge, u can get the $50 without a referral, i also couldnt get their elephant thing to work properly, worked fine on cash tables but didnt work for MTT


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            I signed up for this as well, it's legit, and they also have some good training videos on there, some free, and more you can unlock as you earn points with your free $50.

            I would probably just go to pokerstrategy . com directly, instead of clicking the link in the email, you never know if the link he sent leads to some trojan-type spoofing site, it's always good to type in the address into a web browser, just in case. You don't need a referral code to get the free $50.
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              lol well I signed up at william hill and havent received anything yet


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                pm me your username mate


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                  Originally posted by II CoTe ll View Post
                  lol well I signed up at william hill and havent received anything yet
                  The payment is not instantaneous but it will get there.



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                    NO good for USA Players

                    Your IP-address indicates that you are currently within the USA.
                    We would love to welcome you as a new member on our site, but as a result of U.S. regulations, especially the "Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act" of 2006, we are unable to allow visitors from the USA access to our website.

                    You can find concrete details about this law online e.g. on Wikipedia:

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