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My way of utilizing the stats tab...

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  • My way of utilizing the stats tab...

    First of all, I welcome any and all comments of a construtive nature. In the three months I have
    been a member of PSO, I have gone from a penny grubbing imbecile, to a person who has a pretty fair grasp on the nuts and bolts as well as the finer points of Texas Holdem. I have made this transformation with the help of not only the good poker players of PSO but the great human beings that can be found there. Thank you... Anyway while trying to hone my game i came across the stats tab. I already knew about the chat tab...the notes tab( alot of you are in color now), and of coarse the info tab which if I am not chating or playin more than tourney I will literally camp on it...hit it 45 times a minute... so here is this stats tab that tells how many hands you were dealt , how many flops you have seen from #1 the BB... #2 SB... #3 all other positions, then totals it( gives you % also). Next it tells you number of show down pots won and pots taken down without show down. Now this is where I take 1 step further. Total pots won divided by total flops seen will yield the % . Example the hands dealt 133...saw the flop from BB 7 out of 14 times (50%) from SB 6 out of 15 times (40%) all other pos. 27 out of 106 times etc.. then pots won... so 7 6 27 is 40 flps seen. Won 11 pots @ show down and 13 without show down makes 24 pots won. 24 divided by 40 is 60%... my best was my opinion this helps show me whether i am choosing which cards to play and the ones to fold corectly. Am i nuts or does this sound like a useful method to monitor with card selection. Anyway blast away it is my first try at at a forum relevant topic....probably failed miserably.

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    Stats are there for a reason !

    Not sure if you've spotted this bit and I think it is covered by one of the course topics.....One of the main ways of tightening up your game is to keep an eye on the first part of the Stats section which is the No. of hands played in BB,SB & other positions......

    IF you are playing more than approx. 20% of hands (overall) your probably playing TOO MANY hands - keep an eye on that figure, especially in the early to mid stages of the game and then use against the Hands won as you've said....

    Towards the end of a tourney this figure is likely to go up as once "in the money" for example you are more likely to be playing a slightly wider range of hands.

    You'd be amazed how your game improves....

    Good luck and good thread....


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      Hedgehog is going to toot his own horn:

      If you go to my thread in the Beginner's Question Forum, you will see the information I have compiled not only for the Group One and Group Two Hands, but also those statistics for more than three hundred games. I'm shooting for a thousand league games.

      May I suggest you give the thread a read, and then I challenge you to join me. Perhaps two players with different styles can compare.

      My impression is that you have either had an exceptional game with a lot of good hands, or you have the tendency to play far more hands than you should. An averaged win rate exceeding forty percent of the hands played would make me think your selection of hands played is very good. However, your overall winning percentage is much smaller. (24 wins divided by 133 hands for an overall win rate of 18 percent.)

      Excellent for one game, but how about over the long term? Did that game take you into the money, and if so, how deep? How often do you get into positive point range? What percentage of your games reach the money? Those are the questions you need to track too.

      Wishing you continued success. And welcome to the forums.




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