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linked to ace-rag post...what's your range?

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  • linked to ace-rag post...what's your range?

    just found myself short stacked in another sit and go with pocket 9s. of course i shove but someone on button shoves over the top of me to isolate. dude shows Q-10 offsuit. true, i'm still coin flipping so i welcome the gamble but the guy hits a 10 on the river

    i have lots of different hands in my range but most of the time i'm fairly tight and wouldn't even consider calling a normal raise with something like Q-10, nevermind shoving over the top. am i missing out on something? i raise big with hands like KK and it's always 10-8 that are cracking me (often and with ease). have been losing much money lately because of this kind of thing.

    not bitching about aforementioned hand. people lose flips and i'm content how i played the 9s - i needed the double up. should i be calling with these kind of hands? ace-rag and queen high are hands i shouldn't be fighting to the death with. seems much more like gambling than playing good poker, maybe i should be abandoning the "skill game" myth. deck's beating the poop out of me right now.

    What's your range like? I would call a raise (dependent on my stack) with A-10 and up, any pair over 7s (maybe under that if there's good pot odds to set mine), love those suited connectors (preferrably high and don't mind one or two gappers), maybe KQ and that's about it. Should I be opening up some?

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    As with everything else I've learned, it's almost always the same answer...It depends.

    Not much help, but the answer moves all the time so that's what I'm goin with

    But in reality, if I have enough chips and short stack shoves and I'm the only one in really could be ATC. BUT, when is it enough chips to do that, how many do you have...etc



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