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worst streak of luck

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  • worst streak of luck

    well im furious. i dont remember having such a bad streak, im sure i have but this just hurts.

    ive been floating around 160-180 in my bankroll start of the year, but now im on a deep downward spiral. i was at 165 yesterday and im down to 136. i know its only $30 and ive built it up from $0 but i work so hard for my money i hate watching it go the way i have.

    i dont have hand histories and i dont want to email them and go through them but this is an example of whats going on:

    Cash tables I pick up AJ/AQ end up all in and they have AQ/AK and beat me. lost like $10 at least in the span of a few hands. I know that they aren't great hands for this particular reason but its crazy, 6 person tables and the person to my left happens to have the slightly better kicker to take my money.

    then i play cash tables, im bluffing but im bluffing strong and im representing at least a pair. i keep betting, I shove and at the showdown guy turns over ace high and had hit an ace on the river.

    Another time I have pair of queens on the flop I keep betting and they will hit a King or an ace calling the entire time with just that high card, no draws.

    Then I move back to my strong area of MTT's I do 27/ $3.40 table. i get KQ suited dealer position so I raise, BB calls. flop wiffs, i bet he raises i reraise representing a big pocket pair. Turn I bet a good amount, and river i shove. after much thinking he calls with pair of 10s. NO one seems to show me any respect.

    Then im doing an 18 person/ $3.40 table. Im pretty big stack, average is probably $2000 and I have $5000. I get A10, flop my ace and put the short stack all in. he calls with A3 thinking i was bluffing. he hits runner runner diamonds to hit the flush. I make it to the final table and I get my chips back against this same guy, my 9s hold up against his 7s. Few hands later I have a9 on the button, other big stack called middle position, I raise and he calls. flop A89. I slow play it, but build up an ok pot. River comes a 7, I bet he raises I shove (ive got 900 behind if i lose) and he calls with the nuts J10. So I go from chip leader to dead last 900 chips left.

    its not a turbo tourney so i can wait for my spot to shove. im down to about 700 and I pick up kings. Thank you for giving me a shot. I shove and get 1 caller. He turns over pocket aces.

    ahhh this is 3 days in a row ive gone no where but down in my bankroll. I "cashed" in the skill league in the 1 tourney i played, but that 1 cent isnt gonna make up for my $30 loss to horrible luck, donks, and yes i made a few bad plays but overall i feel i played well and should not be down this much

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    it sucks i know..
    tighten up for a few games.. seriously.. it'll turn around.

    in january i lost 5 hands holding KK in a row.. (5 IN A ROW) in live games
    it bites, but it'll swing back eventually..


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      BOO HOO!!!

      Welcometo the game


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        yeah, these aren't bad beat stories. you should see some of the messed up things that happened to me in 20 mins on FL tables! every 2-4 outers you could imagine. seems to me that you're just getting beaten by better hands and some folks just can't be bluffed. like the man said, tighten up for a while and just try to build that money back.


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          Originally posted by AlphaAero View Post
          BOO HOO!!!

          Welcometo the game

          exactly - here online or live in a poker room..
          just trying to say it happens all over..



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