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    I done told myself that I am going to stay out of this damn forum. I need to quit lying to myself, huh?

    What prompts me is this: the PSO Warmup used to be a good tournament. You used to be able to expect a good game for the most part. Not anymore. Now, you can expect more of the same that you have come to expect in the PSO.

    Throughout January, I kept encountering all these people in the Warmup with Red Circles around them. It became more and more frequent as the month progressed, and I was like, "What the KCUF is going on here?" It used to be that the only circles I encountered were Yellow("Caution: Better Player"), Green("Good Player Top 1000"), Blue("1001 to 1500"), and an occasional Orange("1501 to 2000"), Red signifying, "Worse, Worster, Worstest, Worcester, Worstershire".

    After last night and this morning, I just have to comment on this. The Warmup is now just as Donk infested per capita as the regular PSO. Myself being #1 among them. Every table I'm at, I'm surrounded by these red circles. So this morning, I investigated(guess who has too much time on their hands?). And this is what I found:

    The cutoff point for the Warmup is 1525 points. After WAY too much clicking, I found 1525 points to be located on PAGE NINETY FOUR of the leaderboard. Cutoff rank? FOUR THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED SEVENTY FOUR.

    What's wrong with this picture?

    Conclusion? Another good tourney gone down the drain. Thankfully, it is over March 13.

    Suggestion? If this tourney ever happens in the future, or anything similar? Top 1000 players earn that ticket. And this coming from a Donk that finished outside the top 1000 this month. So, myself excluded.

    When I first became aware of this tournament, I was like, "Alright, this will inspire better play in the league, trying to earn that ticket. But apparently it doesn't take that much earning at 1525. S.O.S., same old shit: 4674 , page 94. Same inspiring play as the PSO.

    Further Suggestion: Make it easier to navigate the Leaderboard, instead of page by page.

    The Sinman.
    Last edited by fadmin; Wed Feb 02, 2011, 06:46 PM.

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    Welcome back Sin

    Have to agree that the cut off of 1525 together with the number of tournaments played for qualification is low and could do with a review.

    Maybe upping it to 1550 or 1575 with 10 tourneys to qualify or possibly eliminate the scoring cut off altogether and make it top 2 or 3k qualify.

    Though there are some players who I'm sure only play the League to get their 1525 and don't have the time or inclination to play enough to gain higher points or league positions which would work against them if the system was changed.

    Thoughts anyone?


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      Further Suggestion: Make it easier to navigate the Leaderboard, instead of page by page.

      Read more: Page 94 - PokerSchoolOnline Forum

      when you get to page 2 go to top delete the page no. in the http and put in 93 hit enter and it takes you to page 94 hope this helps let me know if you need more help

      oh last mo. there were 3918 who could play the warm up

      good luck


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        hello and welcome to the forum Sinman.... Dan should be along soon to welcome you officially


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          Guess where ALL those Worstershire ( Red Circles ) will head when this promotion is over, you have 3 guess's and the 1st 2 don't count , BTW welcome back Sinman
          Last edited by fadmin; Thu Feb 03, 2011, 03:12 AM. Reason: fixed " worster" lol


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            How about the top 2000 qualify only ?

            2000th place scored 1593.02 points

            Or make the points you need to score 1600

            So only those who want to improve their game get the ticket



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