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Omaha 8 hand

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  • Omaha 8 hand

    This was a fairly crucial hand for me in the WPF Omaha/8 tournament at Foxwoods on Monday. Comments are appreciated about any part of the hand.

    I have about 1500, average stack for that table. Table has been fairly soft; a fair bit of limping, but not many raises are getting called. Limits are 150/300. I get A:h:A:c:K:h:T:h: in mid position, and raise an early position limper to hopefully get headsup. All fold to the limper (a good, aggressive player, a bit loose), who calls.

    Flop comes K:s:9:s:8:h:, not bad for my hand, particularly if limper has a low hand. He checks, I bet, he calls.

    Turn is J:h:, giving me a gutshot straight draw and the nut flush draw to go with my pair of aces. He checks, I bet, he calls.

    River is J:s:, just about the ugliest card I could imagine. He bets. I think for awhile, and fold. Conversation after the hand seemed to indicate that my aces were best, but that could have been an intimidation tactic.

    The only place I'm unsure of is the bet on the turn...I bet due to the draws I picked up, but I was thinking afterward that I should've checked the turn behind, and called a bet on the river.

    Like I said, any comments welcome.


  • #2
    Check the Turn!!

    Think the Turn bet is BAD. If you check the Turn, you can call his River bet for the same price as "betting the Turn & folding the river."

    - then you'd know if A A J J is any good.

    Limper didn't run on your pre-flop raise.

    Also didn't fold on the Flop bet - so there's some kind of high in his hand.

    Further, I don't think the flop is very good for your hand. Not bad - but also not good!! But I agree with the bet to fold a low draw!

    The Turn card semi-fits theboard. All sorts of high hands become possible for him. And you get lucky when he Checks!!

    Since he calls the Flop bet, then checks Turn, I think you've got to check also!! If he called a raise pre-flop AND a flop bet, he's going to call 1 big bet for the river. Especially if "he's a bit loose" as you said! Clearly has some kind of draw high - and the turn didn't hurt him or help you very much!!!

    Then Call on River for the same price, or save the big Bet - your choice!!! But the Turn check either saves you $$ or lets you win AND doesn't cost you one chip more!!

    True the check costs you a big Bet if you hit hard [like a Qc] but the insurance factor is worth an occasional loss of extra chips!

    Just my $ .02.


    • #3
      The only place I'm unsure of is the bet on the turn...I bet due to the draws I picked up, but I was thinking afterward that I should've checked the turn behind,
      My inclination would have been to check the turn as being check-raised or being called and bet into on river as happened would not have been pleasant for my hand and stack. It's just a guess though based on my big-bet background, as I don't play limit or omaha8


      • #4
        If I read this right, your raise is to 300, or 20% of your stack, and in poor position ?
        With the 20-20 vision of hand analysis I'm not sure I'd want to do this.
        The flop is iffy for your hand, especially when he calls your flop bet. I'd be worried about the turn card and rein right in.

        But, that's 20-20 :wink:



        • #5

          i usually, but not always, check on 4th street when i have outs and bet when my hand doesnt have any or many. dont really mind your turn bet though, you had a ton of outs to make your hand. good fold on river considering your stack. the jam has been spread...


          • #6
            Agree on pre-flop and flop with your actions.

            Does turn depend on Sklansky's what do I think he thinks I have.

            Or does this concept not apply as much in O8.




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